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April 11 2007

Got Twitter? Add Drive to your friends. Director Greg Yaitanes will Twitter live director's commentary starting Sunday 8/7c.

Think of Twitter as status updates (remember iMood?), or enabling 'ambient virtual co-presence'. Short messages, less than 140 characters, anwering the question 'What are you doing?'. Letting your friends, your clique, know where you're at.

Your Twitter status can be updated by mobile phone, IM or via the web. Your Twitter friends' updates can be sent to your mobile phone, or read online.

I saw this stuff about Twitter yesterday on another blog. What is the attraction? Don't mean to sound negative but really, isn't that why people have blogs in the first place? What am I missing, seriously?
moonliter: It's like being in a little IM group, with itty bitty updates and conversations throughout the day. It only works, imho, when you have enough people in your group to make it lively.
Twitter's fun! I guess that's all that matters to me. It's not like it's very time consuming...
Ah, well now I know more about it. Thanks!
I also found out there's a Dashboard Widget. Who else [along with] CA is on Twitter?
The 'ambient virtual co-presence' link explains 'why'. But yeah, it's fun. For me it works best with a group of already established friends.
I am!
It's fun meeting people from around the net, though.
I've heard about the Twitter craze but I just don't get it. It's good to see that Fox is really promoting the heck out of this thing offline and online. Kudos.

If I did have a twitter account it would probably be pretty dull and full of stuff like:

3:15 pm - Read story on whedoneque
3:21 pm - Posted comment on whedoneque
3:35 pm - Read response to comment on whedoneque
3:40 pm - Made note to self to get a life. ASAP.
3:45 pm - Fixed typo on comment on whedoneque.
Yeah, that would be pretty similar to me. Maybe one of these days we'll do live Whedonesque modding on Twitter.
Ok, I'm Now I'm off to join Drive.
Oh, and I added kevingann and CABridges to my friends list.
Anyone else got something to Twitter about? Let me know! I totally get it now! ;-)

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