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April 11 2007

Happy Birthday Nicholas Brendon!! Wishing a very happy 36th birthday to our sweet, one-eyed, glorified bricklayer!

You forgot Sergeant Fury wannabe. :)

Happy Birthday Nicholas!
Happy Birthday Nicky!! May something worthy of your talent soon come your way.
Many happy returns!
Have a Very Happy Birthday Nick!
What Shey said x5. Not to one-up you Shey, just tagging along!
Nick, we need to see more of you on either the small or large screen! All the best for a Happy Birthday.
Happy Birthday Nick!!
Happy Birthday Nick and Kelly! :-)
Have a wonderful day. Here's a bunch of wishes for a great new part for you!
happy b-day to my favourite. you are the soul.

Happy Birthday, Nick! ^_^
... one-eyed, glorified bricklayer!

Hey ! (he's also a swell bowler ;)

Happy Birthday Mr Nicholas Brendon esq., many more. And get the hell back on our screens, tout de suite (no pressure though ;).
Happy Birthday Nicholas.
Happy Birthday NB! Just two days older than me. :0)
And born on the same day as Marley Shelton your prom date. How cool is that?!

Happy Birthday NB and hope to see you on something really cool and exciting soon.
Happy birthday, NB!
Happy birthday!
hey i'm five days older! happy birthday to another aries! we rule the world!!
Happy Birthday!!! I was just complaining the other day (to myself, of course) that 'Kitchen Confidential' was criminally cancelled too soon by the evil masterminds at Fox. We miss you in our entertainment! Hope something awesome comes your way soon!!!
And what an odd coincidence that it's Kelly Dononvan's birthday today too! ;-)

Happy birthday Nicky *and* Kelly! Here's hoping the year brings you both professional success and personal happiness.

And my birthday is Sunday, so clearly you boys are in good company.
Ah yes, how could I forget about Kelly? Duh! Happy Birthday Kelly Donovan also!

It's amazing how many of you have mentioned being Aries. It seems like when it comes to Buffy fans, there a ton of us. My birthday was on the 10th. I'm in good company surrounded by the birthdays of Emma Caulfield, Nicholas Brendon, Kelly Donovan & Sarah Michelle Gellar! Just more proof that Aries rule! LOL!
Happy Birthday Nick! Can I come to the party in your eye socket?! Hope you have a great year!
Happy Birthday Nick!! *throws confetti*
Happy Birthday, Nick!
Happy Birthday Nick! :)
Here's wishing you lots of cake and new, amazing projects in the pipeline.
happy birthday nicky and kelley and here's to many more "HUGS" you both.
Happy Birthday Nick! It's my birthday today as well. Beers are on me, my friend!
Like I'd forget! Happy Birthday to you and your brother.
Aw, happy birthday you young whippersnapper! Please do another play Nick, so I can come see you in L.A.
Happy Birthday Nick!

And to you too, Inara's Spongebath.
Happy birthday Nick Brendon and Kelly Donovan! I hope it's a fantastic day!
Happy birthday, Nick and Kelly! Here's to hoping some fantastic projects come your way. (And are you reading the Buffy comics? I've been wondering.)
happy birthday, nick brendon. let there be cake!

tea and cake. yes, yes?!
Let every geek salute the Everygeek, Buffy's immortal, torn-out, still-beating heart.

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