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April 12 2007

(SPOILER) First 4 minutes of Drive on Yahoo TV. Watch the introduction to Tim Minear and Nathan Fillion's Drive. If you want to.

Thanks to Monique for the heads up.

Oh nice.

Couldn't resist. Watched it. Looks good.
I kept waiting for the detective to say "Does that seem right to you?"
Fillion. Brooks. Acker. The woman from Heavenly Creatures. All in 4 minutes. It was a nice way to start my morning.
To be honest, I didn't think I'd be able to watch this, as I'm in the UK, but it works!

I haven't heard too much about this show, and I don't know if it's going to make it's way to the UK anytime soon... I hope it comes soon, cos it looks great! And it was great to see Jubal Early again! I got goose pimples just hearing his voice (and I should point out, I'm a middle-aged straight man!)
NeoDoug1, I contacted all the UK TV channels a few weeks ago and asked them about airing. So far, nobody has picked it up, but 3 of them did ask if anybody else is interested that they let them know, as they're interested in demand. If anybody is interested, the addresses are at Drive Fans.
Grr... can't watch it on my Mac with Firefox...
Septimus--I can watch the first 4 minutes clip on my Mac with Firefox, but none of the other "Drive" clips--weird! Anyway, looks good. My husband loves cars, so we'll be watching Sunday.
Okay, got it to work.

So, does this mean no cool, introduction to everyone, one-shot opening sequence (even an abbreviated one)?
Nope, that's gone from the beginning at least, appears. DVD extra, methinks!
I have no barometer to judge if that opening sequence was thrilling enough for the general public. I thought it was fantastic! I have goosebumps and butterflies and tingles. I truly cannot be more excited for Sunday. I would love to know what some non-Serenifly fans thought of it.

Wasn't the original opening sequence quite expensive? In the millions of dollars range? If so, it makes sense the studio wouldn't want to reshoot it with the new cast. I do think it strange they would pay for such an expensive opener, then change the cast.
Awesome, I love it! Wasn't sure what to expect, but Nathan is such a damn fine actor!

Can't wait till Friday at 8pm (woohoo CTV airs it in Canada two days early!!!)
That was great. My first exposure to any footage from the show, and I'm muy impressed.

Now if it was on almost any other network than Fox, I'd probably be more optimistic about it's future. Somebody tell me something to make me feel better about this.
I think I'll pass for now, and save it all for Sunday.

Oh wait, that's right, we Canadians get it two days early! Sweeeeeet.
Somebody tell me something to make me feel better about this.

I'd say it's had more promotion than Firefly, Wonderfalls and The Inside combined.
I agree, gossi. FOX is promoting the bejeezus out of this. In the most recent issue of TV Guide, Nathan made the comment that more people had seen the promos for Drive than all of his other work combined.
Over at the Chicago Tribune they have 8 1/2 minutes of clips from the first episode posted along with their review, some of it from the trailers but some extra stuff too.
Ever been up to the bedroom? That sounded so like...
Damn, I guess I'm always going to see Jubal in that actor.
Can't help it.
The Chicago Tribune clips are jump cuts (ie they miss entire sections of the episode out) so I wouldn't recommend for people who haven't seen it. Unless they really love spoilers. But it does give an indication as to why this unlike anything on TV at the moment.
I'd need to watch the whole two hour thing, as the first four minutes didn't really push me one way or another.

What I didn't like:
The voiceover guy - lacked any form of dramatic gravatis. Not a good opening hook.
The car scene. First thing that came into my head, was "did I play this in a GTA game?".

On the fence about:

The hospital scene.

What I liked:

Nathan doing that grim determined look which he does oh so well.
The missing wife? A mystery which could keep me watching.
The detective. Don't miss with him. He'd be a very intriguing recurring character.
Add to what Simon said: two women being introduced, one a kidnap victim and one possibly a victim of domestic abuse. Although I am assuming they will have a better variety as the show goes on, is it the best first impression?

This clip did not get me interested at all. I've seen this stuff before. I am assuming it branches off from what we expect, but I would not bother with this if TM and NF's names were not on it.
I loved this! The reason I loved it was not because of the effects. It was because of the acting between Nathan and Brooks. It was wonderful between the two of them. I was totally drawn in by that. The clip wasn't long enough to judge the entire show by, but I found myself interested in Wendy's story as well.
Hmmm. I think I would like to have seen the original 5 minute opener with the signature camera moves from car to car. But that photo of Nathan and Amy as husband and wife.... squeee! And the possibilities for Brooks's character..... double squeee! And just seeing Nathan back on TV.... okay, stopping now.

HOWEVER, the voiceover guy is so "You, gentle viewer, don't have to be intrigued or curious or (heavens above) focussed, because I'm going to distil it down into it's simplest form and explain it for you now."


Reminds me of the crap voiceover FOX put on the Firefly credits.

Negative reactions to (more-long-winded-than-most) Lost seem to have made this problem worse rather than better and confirmed the executives' view that program makers shouldn't be allowed time and space to draw viewers into their world.

For God's sake FOX! Any show that can be put "in a nutshell" belongs in one!

I really hope that it's enough of a success that FOX leaves Tim to get on with it.
If it helps, the voiceover only appeared in the beginning of the first show; it wasn't in the version of the second that I saw.
Well, I guess maybe it is my personal tastes, but it was nice to hear for once a voice over that was not maximum "gravitas". Although I can understand that it may not "hook" viwers in. Sometimes when I hear those commericals or voice over types, I can't help but roll my eyes.

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