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April 12 2007

Hear ye all Browncoats, the Bedlam Bards announce 2007 Shindig Tour. If you have ever seen these guys in concert, you know how much fun this show is. And their support of local charities in each city is just awesome. Check to see if they are coming to your city.

and they are sweethearts to boot!
I already have tickets to the Charlotte gig!
We gotta wait till August before they come play with us Browncoats in Seattle. Patience....patience...(runs off to play "On The Drift for the 300th time...)
Joss, the man they call Joss!
Where in Phillyyyyy!!!!!!???????
go to their website directly and it should have the info you need. If not, just email them. Their addy is on the site.
Vancouver Browncoats are hoping to see them here or in Seattle in August. I have their CD in my player at the moment - and on my iPod.

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