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April 12 2007

OMWF Sing Along in Boston. You can buy tickets for a OMWF sing-along at Boston's Coolidge Corner Theatre.

This one appears to be prom themed.

This looks so fun! If I didn't already have plans (and if had a friend here who liked Buffy), I would go.
What do you mean by "prom themed"? Does this mean I have to rent a tux? So much for going Joey says, "You don't go commando in another man's fatigues!"
yes, prom and trivia and games and prizes! oh my!
that hideous bridesmaid's dress may finally come in handy.
This is going to be the most awesome show EVFA! I am driving out from New York tomorrow with two of the other NYC cast members (and my boyfriend - I needed a prom date y'all) and will be wearing possibly the most expensive outfit I've ever worn to anything (including my own high school prom, which sucked). Cannot wait!!! :)
The Ozlets suck! I was all "GUYS! Remember when Mommy went to the PBP pre-party prom a few years ago and got to wear that cute pink dress and the light-up tiara and had a really good time?! Well, on Saturday night they're doing not only something like THAT, but they're also showing the Buffy musical AND you can sing along!" And they were all... *crickets* Apparently, the idea of attending something like this with your mother - ON HER BIRTHDAY, no less- is not cool. And since their father is working that night, I have to stay home with them. *grumble grumble grumble* Have fun everyone. *sniffle*
I was going to complain about why this never happened when I lived in Boston, but then I remembered that I live in San Francisco, where we have the lovely nearby Parkway Theater, hosting OMWF sing-a-longs and Firefly screenings on alternate months...nothing to complain about. (; But the prom theme sounds awesome, have fun kids!
Prom themed? I'm SO releasing hellhounds and/or demon monkeys!
While you are there, pick up your tickets for the Serenity Screening BEFORE THEY SELLOUT!

Charity Serenity Screening at the Boston's Coolidge Corner Theatre
pecial benefit screening for Equality Now
Saturday, June 23rd @ midnite

$10 all seats BUY TICKETS
Last year's show sold out fast, so get your tickets early!!!

Last year the Coolidge along with the New England Browncoats showed Serenity on Joss Whedonís Birthday (June 23rd) as part of a group of screenings worldwide called Canít Stop the Serenity and not only did we have a blast we made a lot of money for Jossí favorite charity, Equality Now. And this year we are doing it again!!!

This year, in addition to raising money for Equality Now, we are also gathering food for the Greater Boston Food Bank. Bring a non-perishable item for the food bank and have a chance of winning a lot of great prizes including actual props from the film courtesy of The Prop Store of London.

Be looking for me folks and say Hi! I'll be one of three ppl passing out flyers beforehand for the Serenity event in June.

I wish I had a prom gown to wear but I'm a waaaay beyond that time frame. :0)
Too bad you couldn't bring your kids, OzLady. My friend, my sister and I were the youngest people there and it was sorta awkward...

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