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April 12 2007

(SPOILER) USA Today gives "Drive" premiere three stars. Robert Bianco gives a preview of the show coming up Sunday with a two-hour episode, followed by Monday showings before "24" on Fox. Bianco is interested in the concept. However, he hopes the show will explain some of its secrets as it goes along.

On this link, the cars that are part of the race are featured.

The show hasn't even aired yet and already there's complaints about getting answers? Man, 'Lost' has seriously frakked with people's heads, hasn't it?

Good grief...
Well, Tim Minear said at Wondercon that we'll know all about the race as the show progresses. But remember Fox will show the first six episodes through May 7th, then show the rest "at a future date". If Mr. Bianco knows that, it's no wonder he'd like the answers quickly. Remember "Reunion", which got cancelled before we knew who killed one of the high school classmates?
Drive is getting paired with 24 ? I record or watch 24 on Monday nights, so maybe...

Dunno if I'll be able to catch Drive's premiere this Sunday though. With The Sopranos and Entourage recording while my dual tuner tapes whatever my sister's watching at the same time (Desperate Housewives and Girls Next Door), I might have to hook an old VCR up to the other TV.
And the myth that Tim worked on Buffy lives. *sigh*
Well to be fair, most people just assume that EVERYTHING Whedon-related was Buffy. *shrug*
That doesn't excuse lazy journalism.
In fairness, 20th Century Fox's last press release about Drive list Tim's credits as Buffy The Vampire Slayer. 20th Century Fox employ Tim.
Maybe he lied on his CV.

(if my company ever released a press release about me it might mention 'Previously ruler of the largest land empire the world has ever seen'. What can I say, 'Listening to music' just didn't seem to have the same punch ;)
Does anyone know if Fox is going to be streaming full episodes of Drive on the web like they do 24 and Bones? I've all but given up taping these shows as it's easier to watch them on the web.
Does anyone know if Fox is going to be streaming full episodes of Drive on the web like they do 24 and Bones?

I've been told yes in the past, but I checked again yesterday and got told 'Maybe'. So we'll soon find out.
Glad people pointed out Tim never worked on Buffy, 'cause I was racking my brain there for a few seconds. Sorry you lost your empire Saje, I'm sure you were a kind and just ruler. Looking forward to Drive but I must admit I'm curious as to how they're going to handle the plausibility of lack thereof of the race.
I also heard that the "race" does not end in the 13th episode, which makes me wonder if there is supposed to be a "winner" at all, or everyone (except the organizers) suffer a horrible fate. I just hope this show lasts long enough for us to find out.

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