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April 13 2007

"Veronica Mars" emerges victorious from E!'s Save One Show. For the first time ever not one but two shows get SOS love and "Veronica Mars" is one of them.

Now let's see if it matters. But more interesting was the lack of support for HIMYM. Let's see if that matters as well.
HIMYM is a really fun show, but it's not as unique or unusual as VM, in my opinion. I think that accounts for its fewer votes because (1) it doesn't seem to be in as much danger of disappearing (sitcoms fare better than quirky shows like VM have) and (2) it doesn't acquire the kind of dedication that a more unusual show would.
Man, I totally read that as, effectively, "Veronica Mars Saved !" Bugger.

(especially since they may not have taken adequate steps to disallow rigging. Even if the suits were going to pay any attention I doubt they will if they think the results might just be down to a bit of programming)
This is such a crock - she actually encouraged people to turn off their cookies and vote as many times as they wanted. How in any way is that accurate?

Good thing this doesn't count for anything at all in the grand scheme of things!
Yeah, I read it that way too at first, and thought VM was safe. Ack.

I'm sure this has been said often before, but the problem with all these polls is that if they show anything, the sample being so skewed, it's not how many people like a program/film/actor, but rather how much they like said program/film/actor. Much less important from a suit point of view.
Great, but I'll celebrate when the title is "VM picked up for season 4".

Sidebar: If Studio 60 doesn't get picked up for another season, I am going to cry. Like, really, really, cry.
Considering it hasn't even finished out season 1 i'd stock up on hankies Resolute, don't see 'Studio 60' coming back (and I must confess I won't miss it as much as I thought I would've after the excellent pilot). wrote a script so that people with Firefox could vote for the show 99999 times each, without too much trouble. So this poll is meaningless. Actually, it means that VM fans are both resourceful... and cheaters.

But it's not like an E! poll has any bearing on what is renewed anyway...
I'm not even sure why it's on Whedonesque, really. But then, I'm feeling the mean today.
Least it's Friday gossi ;).

From a meta perspective those kind of shenanigans are actually very Veronica. Losing, however, is not. How the hell can you cheat and come in second ?
As much as I love Veronica Mars and would like to see it continue (and the same goes for several shows on that list) the only show I feel would be a crying shame to lose is HIMYM.
I'm not even sure why it's on Whedonesque, really

Well the poll was posted here back in the day. So it was only fair that we posted the results.

Also - very slow news day.
Yep, unaccurate poll, but then the Save One Show poll does at least have a reputation and is known. I think it's great (although possibly completely meaningless) VM emerged as the "winner" and here's hoping both VM Šnd HIMYM get saved. HIMYM is the best sitcom to emerge from the US in quite some time. Or at least it was the only one able to grab and hold my attention. I love it to bits.
Well I voted for HIMYM. Hope it gets renewed.
I voted for Buffy. And Angel came in second. What poll did you guys take?
Gotta agree that the numbers (and therefore the results) probably don't mean much. Why are the CW shows all at the top? They average something like 1,300,000 votes per CW show, while the non-CW shows average something like 20,000 votes. That's a huge skew.

Is it because the CW tends toward "genre" shows, which inspire passionate fandom, likely to vote everyday (or go the extra mile to rig the voting)? Or is it a youth factor, the CW audience skewing younger and more internet-savvy?

Either way, as long as Kritin is giving out multiple recognition, I would say Studio 60 deserves an honorable mention as the highest non-CW show (by a wiiiide margin over the next non-CW).
Here are the in-danger ones I want saved:
1. Friday Night Lights (THE best show on TV, including BSG, and I don't even like football)
2. Studio 60 (Chandler and Josh Lyman! and the show keeps getting better, I think)
3. VM (even though it's seen better days, the show has so much potential, the cast has such great chemistry, and some of the best one-liners ever; if they got back to basics with the relationships between Veronica, Keith, Wallace, Mac, and Logan, all would be well again)
Haha, Chosen Guy.

Yeah, it's a shame HIMYM didn't get the love it deserves, but judging by that script someone above mentioned the Veronica lovers writing, I'd say that yeah, this year's poll is way too inaccurate. It's one thing to encourage people to click over and over again, but it's a whole other thing to encourage cheating via a massive multivote script.

Had I voted (and looking back, I totally should have), I would have been multivoting for HIMYM. I love VM, but it really has seen better days. I even enjoyed this season as it went along, but nothing seems memorable, looking back. Shame.
Some of those C&W shows have more votes than average weekly viewers. So, uhm, every single viewer went online, found that poll, and voted?

HIMYM will almost certainly be coming back, I think. The ratings in parts of season two were really, really good, and mostly it was solid.
Let Gilmore Girls die I say. It's had its time in the sun.

I love VM... it is a great show. However, if they get a S4 I want to see the storylines/mysteries become more personal similar to Season One of the show.

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