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April 13 2007

James Marsters returns to the stage. He will appear in the San Francisco production of The Little Dog Laughed in a limited engagement starting June 13 and running through September 9.

I heard a lot about this when it was on Braodway earlier this year. And, I think this role has a nude scene (!!!).

Plus, I'm moving back to SF next I'm very excited and have to see this : )
Huh... I saw The Little Dog Laughed a couple of times and can't say that I would have ever seen James Marsters in that role... but, that being said, I'd be really curious to see it! It's a great play and congrats to him for getting a part in it!

(There is some nudity... but you really see a lot more of the other male character than Mitchell, if I remember correctly)
Well I had no intention of moving to San Francisco .... until about three minutes ago :)
I feel a trip to S.F. coming on. As Danny Zuko sang, "I got chills, they're multiplyin'... "
Yay! Looks like I'll be seeing a play this year after all!
OMG, and the slashers shouted "Huzzah!"

Actually might have to make it up to SF for this. I've been hankering to see what James can do in a play. What's an 8 hour drive anyway...

Now to convince the hubby!
Blast, I've been curious to see him on stage as well, but a 3 day drive seems a little excessive...though I will be unemployed this Summer...and my son has never driven cross-country...but I will be unemployed this Summer...

I did have every intention of going to S.F. for a different reason, but this may be another good reason to go. I'll check up on this one.
I always thought James Marsters was an extremely charismatic actor on film and was curious as to how he'd be performing in person. Now I get the chance to see him live in my home town. The theater where the play is being performed is an lovely intimate theater that gets very interesting plays. I love this venue. There really are no bad seats and the audience is quite close to the stage.

I love that the Whedonverse actors are getting such great gigs.
I've seen this play on Broadway and there's one funny naked guys scene. It sounds like James plays the lead, so folks will get to see ALL of him. Enjoy!
Director: Scott Ellis
He was awarded the Laurence Olivier Theatre Award in 1995 (1994 season) for Best Director of a Musical for She Loves Me.

Has been nominated for Broadway's Tony Award as Best Director (Musical) three times: in 1994 for a revival of "She Loves Me," in 1997 for "Steel Pier" and in 1998 for a revival of "1776."

Congratulations James..
In case you want to see what the Post Street Theater looks like. If the link goes to the seating chart, click on the chart to view images of the theater.

Also, in case money for a ticket is an issue, there are two options: (i) volunteer to be an usher and see the show for free; or (ii) half-price tickets on the day of the performance from TIX, located in Union Square a couple blocks from the theater (or theatre if you're British).

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