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April 13 2007

Buffy #1 storms the charts for March. The first issue came in at number 9 on Diamond's Direct Market Sales Charts for the previous month.

This is a huge success for Dark Horse. Estimated sales figures should be out in a few days but if I was to guess, I'd say probably around 110,000 copies were shipped to retailers.

Very cool. The Captain America stunt skews the numbers off, any other month I'd say Buffy would be higher.

And quality-wise, it's much higher than most of the stuff above it on the sales list.
Way to go Buffy and Dark Horse!

Too bad they didn't ship a new Astonishing X-men issue or we would be seeing TWO of Joss' books in the top ten. How sweet would it be if we could get Runaways, Astonishing and Buffy in the top ten at the same time!

Not sure if that's happened in recent years.
That's great news and shows just how strong the fandom still is.
I disagree about Captain America "skewing" anything - no matter how many copies it sold (and it appears to have sold the highest quantity anything has in many years), it takes up just one place on the list. This was a very competitive month, and beside the huge Captain America issue, there was the first issue of a new Avengers title, the second issue of the massively publicised Dark Tower book, two epilogues to the biggest event series in recent history (they won't be there next month) and the return of Spider-Man's black costume (which has charted a lot higher than I would have expected - I have a feeling that now Civil War has ended, retailers don't have a clue how to order their Marvel books any more).

Still, I think the main reason Buffy isn't higher is that not enough copies were available at a consumer level. Retailers clearly didn't order enough copies, and perhaps Dark Horse didn't get enough printed either. I would imagine that the second printing of #1 will make a very decent showing in next month's chart, and I expect that #2 will chart in a similar position if not a little higher (there is usually a drop-off after the first issue of most titles, but I have a feeling this might be an exception).
Yep, great news indeed. Knew it'd be cool to see it up with 'Amazing' and assuming Buffy #3 doesn't fall off too far (and Astonishing #21 doesn't get pushed further back) we could see a May triumvirate of Jossian chartitude.

(BTW, since the Buffy #1 reprint went on sale on 28th March why wouldn't it be counted in these figures ?)
I thought it was released in the first week of April, at the same time as #2?
According to my local comic store's blog, Buffy is selling extremely well for them. Here's a quote from April 4th:
I am STUNNED how well the book is selling, also -- our As-Big-As-CIVIL-WAR initial order lasted us 12 days (CW was about 6 weeks or so), we got in the Largest-Single-Reorder-of-a-Comic-That-We've-Ever-Placed for the second printing, and we're halfway through THAT pile already. #1 is easily my best selling 32-page comic in the last 10 years or so -- we're not quite back up to where we were in the SANDMAN days, but if we keep selling 3 or 4 copies a day, like we have been lately, we're going to get damn close...

For the comic person, you may be interested in checking out the reviews on this site. Usually funny, always irreverent. There are several reviews of Buffy 8.1 and 8.2, plus Fray, Runaways#25, and Astonishing X-Men.
Nah daylight, came out the week before presumably at least partly to avoid shelf confusion (I almost bought one but thought it'd be going too far after also buying the variant of the first print and i'm probably in the minority but I actually prefer the cover with the bars anyway).
Wow. That's awesome. I had been wondering when sales figures came out. So we'll learn how #2 sold sometime next month?
This is so awesome for Joss. News to the rest of the world...Buffy lives.
Thanks for posting this. :)
This is huge.For comparison sake the first issue of the previous non canon Buffy #1 from Dark Horse debuted in September of 1998 at a ranking of 28 and its estimated sales figures were 61,400.

The highest seller so far from the IDW line was Angel:Old Friends #1 with a estimated sales figure of 17,164 and was ranked 124.

The highest seller of the Serenity comics written by Joss was issue 3 and ranked 42 with a estimated sales figure of 52,300

Joss' first issue of Fray debuted at 98 and sold 19,500 copies to retailers.

So Buffy season 8 #1 getting these numbers is BIG!!!!!
That's wonderful news!

And thanks for the comparisons Buffyfantic. It gives a good perspective for how well Buffy really did.
Thats amazing.

Good news for the fans as well... I don't think Dark Horse will want to stop if the sales keep up! Haha.
Well, can't remember the last time I saw any comic book that didn't have a Marvel or DC logo somewhere on the cover enter the top ten. Not a surprise that it took a Joss Whedon title to do it.

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