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May 08 2003

Grrr! Argh! He's got a name... (Warning) may install software on your PC without your consent if you view this page - Simon

Gordon Abrams? I didn't know the little demon guy has a name. Cool! I'm a fan. Ever heard of the fifth beatle? Well, now you can learn the truth about the least appreciated Buffy cast member. Just in time for the end of the series. Lift a glass in honor of the Grrr Argh guy.

heeeeeeey ...
Heeee, and you can download your own monster!
That is the BEST find! Thanks sooo much!
****ing free sites, looked at it, enjoyed and now I have a Xupiter toolbar downloaded onto my browser which is proving to be a nightmare to remove as a result.


If this happened to you as well, running ad aware should get rid of it.
To get rid of the damn software that Simon warned about download Spybot Search and Destroy, a free windows spyware remover. When I got infected with Xupiter a while back it was the only app that completely cleaned my system.

I also hear that AdAware works but have no first hand knowledge.

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