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April 13 2007

Done the Impossible making the film festival rounds. DTI will be showing at multiple film festivals over the next couple months, including Sci-Fi London.

And don't forget to check out their IMDb page and show them some love.


The Indiana one is showing Serenity and Waitress too.

The Phoenix one is also showing Waitress.
i love the tags, bald guy with tattoo and the other guy with 50 jobs. And congrats to the DTI folks on getting into festivals! This film should be seen!
For those planning on attending the April 28th screenings of Serenity and DTI: There's a coffee shop next door, and several BCs plan to meet there informally, at about 4pm or a bit after. The Indiana BCs are a pretty loose-knit group, so a get-together of any kind is a definite plus! Hope to see some of y'all there! :)

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