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April 13 2007

Dark Horse contest runner up entries posted. The essays from four of the runners up in the "How Buffy Changed My Life" contest are up on Dark Horse's MySpace blog. Very touching stories all :) In addition, non-winning entries are being shared on this dedicated blog.

Great stories. I loved the image of the grandparents going into the comic store for their Buffy fix. This story just goes to show that Buffy appeals to all ages.

Many people have posted their stories here over time in various threads. Others have indicated that they would like to read the stories submitted. I was thinking, now that the contest is over, maybe we can start a thread at, where people can submit their Buffy/Angel stories - how Buffy changed my life, how I came to watch Buffy, what Buffy means to me, etc. It would be nice to have them all in one place. Not sure if posting this suggestion here is kosher. If not, mods, please delete.
I am likewise touched. I look forward to reading the winner. Btw, a couple of octogenarians in the next issue would be pretty cool, imo.
Of course they had to pick the touching essays. How was I supposed to compete with stuff like that? *grumbles*

The winning entry has been posted - both on whedonesque and on myspace. It was a corker.

I enjoyed reading these by the runners-up, as well - thanks, Lady Brick and Dark Horse. I'm glad the winning entries all had such sincerity and simplicity.

And I'd love to see some elderly folks doing coolio stuff in the comic series. My mind's a blank right now (due to only having had one cigarette all day in a heroic effort to cut down -->> and then quit) so remind me - what are some elderly characters in Season 1 - 7?

(Please distract me while I jones, I beg of you...)
This might be cheating, I hope not, but for those still wanting to read the non-winning essays, take a look at this. I can't do a main page thread here because it points directly to something I'm doing, but I posted about it at dot org:

Info. at
TonyaJ, this is super of you to do. I hope a lot more folks post their entries, or write now what they did not get a chance to enter earlier.

Tonya has gotten permission from Dark Horse, and started a blog "where essays not chosen could be posted to memorialize them." (BTW, nice Jossian photo...)

I plan to write the entry I did not get around to doing before, and the entries I've read have shown me that it's worthwhile considering simplicity over cleverness.

(Tonya, I don't think this is "cheating" - it's okay to link to your work in a comment if it's relevant to the thread, and MacGuffin actually asked for something like this.. and it's not like you're some kind of persistent whedonesque self-promoter...)
Tonya J, looks like you're ahead of me, not only in thinking about gathering the stories in one place, but in doing something about it. I withdraw my suggestion.
Tonya J, I edited the initial post to link to the blog... hope that's allowed!

You are heroic! Maybe whenever you want to reach for a ciggy, you can think, "What Would Buffy Do" (yes, I want that on a bracelet), ignoring her little addiction issues re: boffing evil dead guys.

Speaking of which, besides Angel and Spike and their undead or demon ilk, the only elderly Buffyversian I can think of is the toymaker man with the Rice Krispy treats in the episode where Dawn has her first kiss--with a vampire of course. I'm sure there must be others.
Thanks for the links, guys. Too much good stuff to read right now, but I bookmarked them.

Quoter Gal, hang in there. your life will be so much better in every way once you're free of the cigarette demon. (From one who's been there:)
For more fun, read how people of all ages and occupations discovered Buffy. Some also reveal how BtVS changed their lives.
Those were interesting entries. (Even if 'Whedon' was spelt 'wedon' in one of them. Grrr arrggghhh indeed.)

Damn, I wish I'D gone for pathos, and not humor!

Maybe I'm an emotional cripple, but the winning entry was the only one that really 'got' me, it just stood out head and shoulders above the rest of them.

Though the image of the 80 year olds wandering around a comic book shop is just TOO cute!
Go for it, Quotergal! It will make those who love you very happy.

In terms of elderly characters, besides the toymaker guy, there was the lady who ran the children's home in Where the Wild Things Are. Mrs French the elder had a cameo in Teacher's Pet. Slim pickings.

The wig lady in Doublemeat Palace wasn't all that old and probably doesn't count because she was a demon. That would also apply to the keeper of the sythe. In flashbacks there was Spike's mother, who was sickly rather than elderly. That is all I am coming up with for the moment.
QG,, (BTW, nice Jossian photo...) - It's probably my favorite of him, and thanks very much for what you said. I just hope the word gets out enough to have a nice collection of the essays. And thanks Lady Brick, very much for adding that link.

Oh, and QG, drop the ciggy! You'll be glad you did down the road. :P
Thanks, ladies, you are very encouraging. I'm currently keeping to my self-imposed limits, and for some reason (after almost 40 years of smoking) now have a firm belief that I will finally be able to be quit.

I've been on a search for the elderly in Buffy and haven't (so far) found any in addition to the ones you've mentioned - Scythe-Lady, not surprisingly, being my favorite.

And in the list of Joss-creations that have impacted lives, let me add, of course, Firefly - I am watching episodes as I keep busy trying not to smoke, and it's wonderfully distracting. Can't read much at the moment, as smoking & books are a bit too linked, but household-chores-and-Firefly et al. are helping a bunch.

As are whedonesque (and the folks at As billz would no doubt say, you'all rock hard.

(Thanks for the Slayage link, maeve.)
There was the Gypsy lady who cursed Angel...
Old Xander at the wedding (a demon in disguise, but still). Spike's mother, Harris Yulin as the head watcher guy in the episode about Buffy's slayer test and others (not old, but older, say 60s), the historian/archaeologist Faith kills for the Books of Ascension (I could be off on that one - may be thinking of the person in charge of rock that contained Decathla or some other demon). There have to be more, but they're smallish parts.

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