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April 13 2007

International Sarah Michelle Gellar Day! Today we celebrate the 30th anniversary of Sarah Michelle's arrival on our planet, which is certainly the better for it.

This is actually my idea of "restrained."

Happy Birthday goddess of my world! It's going to be Sarah Movie/Buffy-fest tomorrow!

Tags... amazing.
Buffy is 30??
You know, that makes certain people feel old...but what the Hell?
Happy b-day, Sarah!
Happy happy birthday, Sarah, and many more!

Also? Those tags have kinda made my life.
Happy Birthday, Sarah!
Have a Very Happy 30th Birthday Sarah! And many, many more :D

I love the tags too, lol.
Would love to post best wishes here, the perfect place, if I thought for one second that she would deign to glance here.

What the hell, she's our best and only Buffy! Happy Slay-free Birthday!
I must say that SMG is one hell of a fine looking 30...cuz if I had been asked blindly how old she was, I would have estimated mid-20s;)

Still...a tip of the hat and sincere "Happy Birthday!" wish to our favourite petite goddess:D
Very cool... yeah, she's a very young-looking 30 year old. The thought of Buffy being 30 is funny... though she took a few years off of aging in our current continuity... does that mean it's like 2003 or 2004 in the comics? Haha, who knows.
WOOHOO - they've finally decared it an international holiday! About time!

Happy birthday SMG - and you rocked in TMNT!
Happy Birthday, Sarah! May your wishes come true! At least half of them :)
Agree with Willowy. The best of wishes from this room.
Happy Big 3-0 Sarah! Can't wait to see all these movies you have in the pipeline. Hope they're big successes!
Happy Birthday Sarah!

I've had a crush on her since I was 10 years old. I'm now 20 and the crush still stands!

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Hi catalsy2. What do you think?
Happy Birthday Ms Gellar, and many more ! Just to be clear, the eternal youth treatment's only open to people who save the world, a lot, right (once or twice while wearing lilac) ? Bugger.

(so even in 'official' continuity, Buffy'd be the 28est 21 year old evah ? Another first !)
Happy Birthday, Sarah!
Happy Birthday Sarah :)

Thirty is looking pretty good on you :) Best of Luck in all of your future endeavours.

BTW: The Air I Breathe is sold out at Tribeca and Suburban Girl has just added another screen after selling out in its first three screens.
Happy Birthday SMG, i wish you all the happyness in the world. 30 is a beautiful number.
Happy Birthday Sarah.
Happy birthday, Sarah!

My life would be so very very different without you as Buffy.

'Cuz, Kristy Swanson...?
Happy Birthday Sarah! Thank you for enriching so many lives by bringing "Buffy" to life as no other could have done.
Oh my... Sarah's 30. And yesterday I watched some season 2 of Buffy and she was 20... I had like barely got my head round the thought that she was in her late 20's but I'd sorta subconsciously illogically assumed/hoped that she was gonna stay like that. Still stunning though...

Happy B-day Sarah!
Happy Birthday Sarah. 30 looks very good on you.
I wish you all the happiness you deserve and a big piece of cake for your birthday.
And a very happy 3rd decade to Ms Gellar- who I have no doubt is FARRRRR too busy making movies to pop in and read her salutations!

Here's hoping that one of her birthday wishes is for a movie featuring a certain Vampire Slayer- you blow those candles, gal!

Well, either that or world peace...
Happy 30th birthday, Sarah!!!

Thank you for being born! :D
@ Madhatter - good movie even if a little frenetic for me at times. Reasonable plot and pretty rapid-fire pace. SMG's part was good - just hearing that voice sent shivers up and down my spine (the good kind of shivers, that is!)
Happy Birthday Sarah...I can't imagine a world without Buffy, and you will always be Buffy to me! Best wishes, may you finally get that break-through movie role that you so deserve!
Happy birthday, Sarah!
A wonderful, joyous birthday, Sarah!
Many happy returns!
Just saw TMNT, and it made me very happy. Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, Sarah, and thanks!
happy birthday sarah.

do a buffy movie.

but in all seriousness, hope you have many many more birthdays. that are happy. and full of cake.
Happy birthday, Sarah. Hitting 30 isn't as bad as it's made out to be. Believe me, I've had almost two years of being in my thirties now and with enough practice you can still get away with acting like a teenager. It's all in the attitude.

And a healthy amount of denial helps too. :)
Happy bday, Sarah! You really, really deserve it. You've done a lot of good!
Or, to be more specific: By accepting that role in that series you entered into a stream of goodness and you did more for progress of mankind than almost none of the actresses of your age has ever did. You should be proud of your career and your life. You became an icon in an age that desperately needed one. Whatever happens, I'll love you. (NOT IN CREEPY WAY :) )
Happy Birthday, dearest SMG!!! There could be no other Buffy, period. Thank you for starring in the best show ever.
Happy Birthday, Sarah! You are the best actor of your generation, and your Buffy will live forever. You have become an icon for people everywhere and of every age. I wish you the greatest success in your future endeavors, whatever they may be. Love,
Happy Birthday SMG.

I can't believe you're 30!

I will never forget how you slew my heart all the back in highschool.
All the best, Sassy! Life has its ups and downs, but continue to admire your grace and professionalism!
I can't believe I missed the day but Happy Late Birthday Sarah! I wish I had it with me but I have a book of really old Punch cartoons, cuz Punch mag is really old. Anyway there was one from the 19th century where more men are gathered around the woman of 30 than around the bride of 18 summers, the caption reads that at 30 a woman actually has something interesting to say-finally. Okay, blew that joke but hopefully you get the idea. Someday I hope that like Roger Plant, who eventually had to admit that once he was part of a little band called Led Zeppelin, you will return to the part that ingrained you into the hearts of so many- Buffy Summers. And should you wish to return to this role, and should Joss Whedon be way too busy killing Andy Tudyk's beloved characters in movies (harumph), I think there are more than a few of us here who could whip something up for ya. Seriously many happy returns and much love.
Happy belated Birthday.

Spent all day of your birthday watching old Buffy episodes with my best friend and it made me smile.

Thanks for bringing countless smiles to me and wishes for many more great years.
Happy belated Birthday! Thanks for everything.

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