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April 14 2007

Man from Earth film co-stars 3 former verse guest. John Billingsly (Dr Royce - Angel), Tony Todd (Vyasa - Angel), and Richard Riehle (Merrick - Buffy) star in a small indie film about a college professor who reveals he is immortal to fellow colleagues.

John Billingsley showed a clip of it at the Grand Slam Event on Friday and it looked like an intriguing film because you don't know if the guy is telling them the truth or not about being immortal.

Given the talent Jerome Bixby had, I'm sure the script is top-notch. The actors are also experienced, having appeared not only in Angel and Buffy, but also various Star Trek incarnations. Don't know about the producer, but he appears passionate about it.

It sounds like it has lots of promise, and I for one want to see and support more independent film. The major outlets are boring me with their same old, rehashed, "safe" stuff. They aren't about risk anymore, but independents are.

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