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April 15 2007

An interview with Summer Glau. Sweet Q&A over at one of her fansites.

Actually, Sean Ryan knew my work from Firefly and called Joss to ask if I was good to work with. Joss told him “Well, if you don’t mind an illiterate drug-addict.”

I bwah'ed, and a haw'ed.

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A nice little interview. I, at least, didn't know much about Summer as a person before, and this piece offers some good bits of insight and info, revealing her to be an unsurprisingly nice young woman. Thanks for the linking!
Maybe it's because I have a morbid streak, but I think I would have - maybe if extra time had come up - asked a question about acting with her real-life BF, especially concerning any scenes they have after the character of Jeremy has been hospitalized after getting caught in an explosion. I like to think it helps to show a deeper part of the actor when you find out how they get into "the groove" for a scene. Especially a scene where you have to pretty much bare a part of yourself to the world...or struggle not to.
I was lucky enough to meet Summer Glau at one of the 'Serenity' advanced screenings, and I will be a life-long fan. I'm looking forward to seeing her continue with 4400, and I really hope to get to see her in a Jane Austen film some day (with the accents and period costumes)!
I'm looking forward to the Sarah Connor Chronicles, David Nutter directing and Josh Friedman as writer/producer with input from C2 Pictures (Terminator developers). Fox appears committed to this show and it should have a built-in fan base. Summer as the good terminator...yummy!

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