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April 15 2007

(SPOILER) Tonight on Fox - the two hour premiere of 'Drive'. Herc at Ain't Cool News calls Tim Minear's new show "Fox's Best New Series In Years". Drive airs at 8/7c.

So as you'd expect, this is the Whedonesque discussion thread for tonight's episode. You're all more than welcome to discuss future episodes over at our sister site

Anyhow, post your Drive related links and thoughts in the comments section.

I can hardly wait! This procrastinator is thankful for the IRS reprieve for a couple more days, so I can watch tonight's premeire along with the episode tomorrow.

And I read that this already aired on Friday in Canada. I'm thankful (albeit a bit surprised) at the lack of spoiler comments from our friends to the North.
Also, I haven't seen the fxguide article posted yet. It covers similar ground as the howstuffworks article, and also includes a cool video of the lifts used to elevate and manipulate the cars used in the green screen sound stage.
I enjoyed the first 2 hours very much. Nathan is awesome.

I did groan when the flashbacks started, only because I got the feeling that there will be flashbacks in every episode. And thanks to Lost, I hate that very much. Flashbacks should be used sparingly, not as a main element in every single episode.

That said, I can't wait for more!
But Fillion, maybe the most underrated leading man in Hollywood, takes command of the screen every time he's onů

How cool is it that this is in Time magazine? Not like this is news around here, but the millions who haven't heard could use the wakeup call.

Can't wait for the premiere tonight, and I hope FOX does right by NF, TM and everyone else associated and gives Drive ample time to tell its tale. I'm not thrilled with the possibility of fallling in love with a new series and then having them break my heart -- again.
The two-hour premire was excellent- Nathan of course being awsome as ever, I'd have to say my second favourite character(s) would be the father/daughter team. You guys are going to love Drive, it's a lot of fun. :)
So I watched the 2 hour premiere this morning (the wonders of internet, YaY!) and I must say it was pretty ridiculous yet totally awesome.
Nathan Fillion was great and here's hoping the show doesn't get cancelled after a few episodes.
I really enjoyed the premiere, I got so into the story, and the characters are amazing.I felt like I was watching a movie more than a television show.

Drive won't be a disappointment, so tune in!
Herc's article is not particularly spoiler-y (I guess the number of cars and their starting location could be spoilers). And, the "article" was really just a collection of reviews, which are all already collected elsewhere, like metacritic (current score 51...).
I don't read spoilers or how they achieved the effects or what the actors think of it, or any reviews. I am ready to be blown away by Tim and crew!
I'm watching some Buffy this afternoon and had to smile when Caleb first appeared on screen in "Dirty Girls" and the young woman the Bringers were chasing jumped into his beat-up old pickup and yelled, "Drive!" Downright prophetic.
I just heard that it aired here in Canada on Friday, today. Believe me, I'm not happy to have found this out now....
Is this being filmed and aired in HD? Does anyone know? I mean, I know it may broadcast on an HD channel, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's actually HD.
Yep, it's filmed in HD, chickenbird. WilliamTheB, CTV did almost no promotion for it. They're repeating it in HD today I think (on CTV).
It will be interesting to see the general consensus after it airs on Fox. It really wasn't my cuppa tea. Nathan was great, and so was Charles Martin Smith, but other that that - maybe it's because I don't like the Amazing Race either?
Check you local paper TV Guide. My sister called and Drive made the cover with a zap2it article and pic of Nathan Fillion and Kristin Lehman.

Also on home page of

Here is the article that the local paper TV Guide used.,0,6638377.story

If you want to see the pic look at
home page. Whoo-hoo!

That should bump up Drive's moviemeter numbers.

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on the Appreciatin' Nathan thread on

"Fox news will interview Nathan tonight after the show "
People posting on Nathan board are saying Nathan Fillion was in Oregon in the last 15 hours. I wonder if that is where the Fox News interview is being filmed.
Reports on Appreciatin' Nathan thread that ontheriver
saw an ad where "Nathan just asked Boston, have you ever been cut off on the highway??"

I bet that is what he was doing in Oregon. Taping the same line over and over again with a different city name in each one. For the local Fox station in each city.


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Is that detective dude, Jubal?
First Early... then the CSI girl has hands of blue...
So that's where I've seen that guy! He was on Buffy and Angel too right? The Watcher dude and the Demon obsessed with Jasmine?
Any show that has Captain Tightpants, Fred/Illyria, Jubal Early... oh, and Melanie Lynskey, AND uses a Doors song (cover or otherwise) gets major thumbs way up from me!
Don't forget, the director of tonight's episodes is live-commening at
Now it's The Magic Bullet dude. Make mind control work for you.
I got to see the early version of the first few minutes when Tim showed it at B3. I see they have updated the phones but you can still see some of the original orange phones on the dashboard of some of the cars.
I enjoyed it and despite what one reviewer said, there are touches of humour every once in a while.
Knocked him out!

Mom says "can you do that with a laptop?" She's worried the laptop got hurt.
This show has potential, I enjoyed it, and if FOX cancels it, I will get VERY cranky.
... ok, so that was pretty amazing. Fox, don't let me down now.
Amy was in the back of the truck. GRRRH! ARRGH! I thought there was a really fast car in the back.

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As far as the Key West part of the race, they missed the most important part of the drive. It's a very frustrating drive to the mainland as large parts of it are one-lane roads. If you want to go fast and pass slow-going cars (of which, there are tons as the road is usually very congested), you end up playing a lot of chicken with oncoming cars.

I was bit disappointed they didn't use the location (which they obviously didn't really do at all, it looked like a boilerplate SoCal drive) better as it would have made for very dramatic footage.

It was spot the Minearverse actor tonight... let's see...
Tully - our own Cap'n Tightpants of course
Detective who was looking for Tully's wife - Early from Firefly
Waitress in the diner in Jupiter - Muffin lady from Wonderfall
Faux-husband/lawyer - Magic Bullet store guy!

Regardless I will be watching tomorrow evening.

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I thought the premiere was really good.
I'm in -- all the way to the finish line. :)
I'm listening to the local news No sign of Nathan yet.
Wheee! That was a blast (totally preposterous, of course, but I'm SO along for the ride - bring it home, Tim!).
Greg Yaitanes said he was going over to Nathan's house for west coast commentary and premiere party, so I'm guessing Nathan's in LA.
No cable, and the local stations aren't carrying it. I guess a-youtubing I'll go... (hey, I made a new verb!)
west coast commentary, so he will be doing the commentary on twwitter from nathan's house?? How Awesome!!

ETA: yeah no cable here either, it sucks... and Pstttt dont mention youtube here, its illegal pssst...... lol.
That? Was awesome. Every actor sold it. My roommates and I were really into it the whole time. I'm so glad Fox decided to air the two hour first episode first as opposed to. . .you know. . .last.

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The Drive board on

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OMG Jubile Early is suspecting Mal of evil doing....!
I am very excited.
That was brilliant.
Ohh that was amazing!!!! I can't wait for Mondays!
I totally loved all of it except the stupid part where Sean Salazar helped Violet by telling her what she needed to know and giving her the ticket. Come on! That was pretty silly. Nathan was fabulous! He really does have wonderful charisma.
Yeah, Sean Salazar really had the hots for the Lindsay Lohan lookalike. I really like Winston Salazar though -- he's nice on the eyes. Not that I'm diverting my appreciation for Captain Tightpants, not at all.
foreverwes The waitress, of course, was Beth Grant, who was also the mother of Phantom Dennis...
I'm undecided. It was good. The actors sold their parts. Well done. I'm not sure if i can handle all that jumping about for a season. I may get motion sickness, heh.
MALicious | April 16, 04:31 CET
I totally loved all of it except the stupid part where Sean Salazar helped Violet by telling her what she needed to know and giving her the ticket. Come on! That was pretty silly.

He is a good guy. He is in the race to make his father angry and get to know his brother. Just being with and helping his brother is going to make that happen. Doesn't have to win the race.

The thing I thought at the time was how does he know that the guy will give him another ticket. What would he have done if that would have happened? Oh well, sorry brother.
Not to mention Amy Acker as Tully's wife
Overall it's pretty entertaining, and Nathan is the best part of the show, but I have a major issue with one aspect of the race that I feel might bug me as long as they don't address it:

Yeah I was wondering that too...but I think the point is that it isn't getting to the finish line that matters....
I also have to add that I really enjoy the relationships, or the ones that people are trying to get back. I especially like the Salazar brothers who are trying to deal with a common betrayal.

Also, does anyone else think the shirt that Captain Tully wears at the beginning of the show,

Btw, the spoilers are for the pilot episode, not upcoming episodes.
Surprisingly, I really enjoyed this premiere, especially the second hour. I hope the flashbacks are used sparingly, though, and the sound effect that they play before they go to commercial sounds like a cross from the sound effects used on Lost and 24. Those are extremely minor quibbles, though... it's incredibly implausible, but very fun (thus far).

I feel like the "next time on..." part during the end credits gave away too much.

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It was better than I was expecting, but I think small things will bother me. Like, what a coinkydink almost everyone they run into along the way is working for the big 'They' or involved in the race. And should I assume not everyone had 15 minutes to get on the road like Nathan? Cuz it seems like baby lady(who I can't manage even a tiny bit of care for) had a bit more prep time, what with her baby getting put in Killer Daycare or whatever, and I have to assume her husband saw her baby at some point before she took off. And if that's the case, that's not fair to Nathan! And was Nathan surprised about the 'missing' posters of his wife in his truck? I couldn't really tell. Because I can't imagine he had enough time to have them printed up between when his wife was taken and when he was told he had 15 minutes to get going.
Well, anyway, if they keep the flashbacks to a minimum and eliminate some of the more annoying characters, it might be worth keeping an eye on. And as always, Nathan is excellent in whatever he does. I just hope it doesn't turn into Lost, which lost me toying too much with the big mystery without giving enough to keep me hooked.
I liked it - it has a more mainstream quality to it than Angel, Firefly, The Inside or Wonderfalls, so maybe that'll make it do better - but I miss the quirkiness. Nonetheless, it's tons more interesting than most TV... and I'll watch the show tomorrow, too.

And I like the actors a whole bunch - Nathan is simply riveting - it's hard to watch anyone else when he's in the scene. Ya know, he's just got "It" - whatever "It" is. He's got his chops down, of course, but he also has that indefinable something that dominates the screen. And Melanie Lynskey is special - I hope we continue to see a lot of her. The whole cast seems pretty talented.

I've also decided that from now on, a laptop will always be my weapon of choice. Judo chop!
I don't really like the racing part of it. The loud music, car crashing noises, and the sound of engines get on my nerves after a couple of seconds. Nathan is awesome, and the cast is great. I'm still not sure this is the best vehicle for them.
The first hour was a good set up of things to come if nothing else. The second hour was a *very* entertaining hour of television. The action was great, I love the effects, and the music kicks in exactly where it's needed. I can't wait for tomorrow's episode. If there's one nitpick I have it is this: many of the characters were not wearing seat belts. I know, they're on a soundstage, it's just a TV show, etc. But it's not like it would get in the way in a suspensful sequence or anything.
Que? Dude!
Worth the wait, no doubt. Great effects, definitely surprising surprises, torture (though not at Jack Bauer levels, but, hey, that's a pretty high bar he sets, yo!), GREAT performance from Nathan, I'm SO looking forward to tomorrow night! More, more (and in the correct order, too)! ;-)

That said, and I may be ripped apart by wild dogs for saying this (or some other icky penalty as determined by Mr. Bright), but I kinda would have liked more flashbacks to fill in some of those plot holes. Like, the flyers. It said "One Week Ago" in Nathan's/Alex's flashback, and then "5 Days Ago" in Melanie's/Wendy's flashback, so I guess there were 2 days when Alex could have made flyers and started putting them up -- it could have been just a quick scene, also maybe showing more of Richard's/Ehrle's suspicions of Alex. Or, Believe me, I will watch the hell out of this show, and I love our Nathan and the rest of the cast too, plus the Tim love, but, just sayin', there were some things I wanted to know more about. Well, I guess that's why it's a series (gods willing), yo.
From the premise alone I wouldn't have watched, but knowing Minear's work, not to mention the numerous verse connections (Nathan! Amy! some of the guest stars!) got me really interested. So far I really like what I'm seeing - complex interesting characters, lots of adrenaline (it's a race after all), bits of mystery (who's behind the race? what are the racers incentives / history?), and a touch of trademark Tim darkness thrown in. And of course witty dialog and occasional humor.

But best of all - it really seems FOX is marketing and grooming this show for success. I really hope it finds an audience, cause it's about time one of Tim's projects succeeded.
I kind of like watching Nathan and Dylan Baker is always good (although perhaps I shouldn't have rewatched Happiness so close to the premiere of Drive), but so far the show and the other characters haven't been able to grab me. There's a lot of fuss being made over the car-scenes, but revving engines don't do a whole lot for me, so I don't really care. Not keen on the bar 'n' biker soundtrack either.
Yeah, I don't care about cars and driving so much, either, and billz, you nailed it, imo:

As Tim has said, the premise allows room for so many stories to be told, in a lot of different ways - so at least the car-race-thingy has that going on. And I like that it seems as if it's not going to be really written down for mass-consumption, which is so rare and a huge plus. I'm looking forward to seeing where Tim et al. can take this...
(My first Whedonesque post after 18 months of lurking....)

The brilliance of the craft of this show cannot be overstated. A dozen little things are there if you want to look for them. For instance, when Nathan is handed a flier early in the show, This is brilliant because

This might have been pitched as "24 meets Lost meets The Amazing Race." Kudos to all involved - I cannot wait for tomorrow.
I loved it. On paper the premise sounds absurd, but it's just so fun in a non-dumbed down sort of way. And Nathan is fantastic.
I hate to say this, Andrea 2s1 (and, dude, welcome, welcome, welcome to Whedonesque, please keep posting!), but Now, I could be totally wrong, and I apologize to you if I am.

QG, since we agree, we must be totally rockin' people! And, like you, I am so looking forward to seeing where Tim and Team ReamWorks (oh, Tim, you had me at Ream!) can take this. ;-)
"FOX's best new series in years."

How long should we give it before FOX pulls the plug? As it seems in recent years, anytime someone makes a statement like that, cancellation seems to follow.

If there is a God in heaven - and we all know there is, 'cause, hey, Joss - please give FOX the wisdom and patience to let this show have a chance. I mean, the split season does not seem like they're going to, but perhaps one could bless them with momentary intelligence? Just a thought.
I agree with those who would have liked more flashbacks (or more character development of some sort), for the same reason as they gave: it makes you care when stuff happens to the characters. That being said, it's a HUGE cast of characters and I don't think they could have shown info about many more of them without turning the whole show into flashbacks (which is obviously to be avoided).

I personally rather liked the race/music sequences. The music was fun and quite appropriate to the show (though the whole thing is a bit all-American for my taste and I can see where the NYT reviewer who likened it all to a Ford ad is coming from...).
Well, a split season's been working OK for Battlestar Galactica (tho they've gone too far this time with not airing new episodes until 2008), but I'm not sure how it will work on a "major" network.

On the other hand, the article I read on it just stated that it would air at 8pm on Monday until May 7th and they didn't have a slot for it yet after that. I'm assuming it will take one of the American Idol slots, probably the Tuesday one, since it is an hour long, but I think Wednesday as a lead in for "Bones" would work better.
FOX is blowing out the promotion on this one like nothing I've ever seen before and they've given it a killer time slot. The success of this one, I think, is entirely up to the viewers.

Had no problems with the (relative) lack of flashbacks; the shows were already crammed and we'll be discovering more as we go, I'm sure. More bothered by the mountains in the background of a state (mine) known for its utter flatness but I can let it slide if they're more careful in the future. If they continue to miss obvious things like that in their LA-based duplication of the country they're going to lose credibility from every viewer living near one of their checkpoints.

But oh, I've wanted to see someone from the "they won't see this comuing" school of Whedony entertainment take on a serial show like this. I think this'll be huge.
I'm getting uneasy. You know, that nagging feeling that we should have started a "save Drive" petition the moment FOX announced it. Well, at least today isn't Friday, as fas as I can tell.
The_Joker, the season one finale is on Monday May 7th. It should be returning for a second season around Fall, ratings permitting.

I really don't think anybody needs to start a Save Drive petition, site, or whatever. We'll see the ratings in a few hours from now, and I'm hoping they're good. It needs about 3-4 times the ratings for The Inside/Wonderfall/Firefly to survive, but I think it's probable it will get them.
Absolutely loved it. I already think it's the best new show of the year. I'm really glad we will be able to see episode 3 soon. Let's hope the ratings are as good as the show, and that drive will be allowed to stay for the time it deserves.
I fell asleep and missed it. Damn new meds!
I missed this too. Does anyone know when it is on again?
I really don't think anybody needs to start a Save Drive petition, site, or whatever.

I don't know, the overnight ratings don't look too good for last night but we'll get more details when the fast nationals arrive in an hour or so. As it is the show was 4th in its time slot and only marginally better rated than repeats of FOXs animated comedies last week.

Ratings source mediaweek
If anyone wants to post a link on the front page to the fast nationals when they come out, please do so. It's a tradition here that we do the ratings for the first episode created by/or starring people in our Whedonesque universe.

Plus we love talking about ratings. I remember the great conversations we'd have for the Buffy and Angel ratings when they came out for each episode.
Pretty good fun; waiting to see how it develops. It is terrific that we get 3 hours upfront like this, otherwise there would be absolutely no time for character development until much later, the scene setting being so complex.

While I'd personally have been happy to see an episode for each team before the race even began, it's not because I'm more sophisticated than some other viewers or something- it's mostly because I'd be sure it would all be worth my time, because of the people involved.

As it is now, I'm fairly certain it would have caught my attention if I stumbled upon it unawares, and I hope that will be true for enough other people to make a good audience.I'm looking forward to more.

That being said, the motion actually does make me a little carsick. I'm sure I couldn't read while watching it, but I guess that's for the best.

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gossi, May 7 is three weeks away. We only get three weeks of shows?

I thought it was alright. I'm with the folks that got annoyed by the engine revving and car crunching (get off my lawn!). Yes, yes, I realize the show is called "Drive". Guess I'll just have to suck it up.

Also that blonde woman from Judging Amy drove me up the frikkin wall.

I'll still be watching tonight. And Nathan was pretty incredible. I also liked the thug/not thug brothers.
Dylan Baker is always good (although perhaps I shouldn't have rewatched Happiness so close to the premiere of Drive)

Funnily enough, I haven't watched Happiness in a few years and I still had thoughts along the same lines!

I know the show is called Drive but there was, uh, *way* to much of having the characters interact in the speeding cars without being able to make eye to eye contact with each other and I think that may be one reason I couldn't find myself really caring about any of them besides Tully. That, and it seemed most of them were cast because they looked a certain way instead of possessing acting skills that would help ground the outrageous ride.
Nathan was the main draw to begin with, but he's really showing he has the charisma and "it" factor and confident, solid acting that I think will hold it all together. Just don't make his character cheat on Amy Acker with his new partner.
Wasn't crazy about the theme song though...
I thought the theme song was dire, yeah. I'd rather not hear Gavin Rossdale, ever. But I thought the same of the Buffy theme song and I guess that kind of grew on me. A little.
What's not to like about Gavin Rossdale?
His music. Not my thing.
As I understood it, there were 13 episodes ordered, and it would be broadcast in the Monday 8pm slot until May 7th, with the remainder of the 13 in an, as yet, undetermined time slot.

This would closely match the finale of American Idol, which is why I speculated that it might take either a Tuesday or Wednesday slot. Also, FOX has a Friday time slot they've been filling with re-runs of House that may be planned for this, probably based on ratings?
Loved it!!! The Tim style transition scenes are sweet zooming in and out of the satellite image. Also, I love me some flashbacks, and if this show becomes Lostesque with the flashbacks, I say bring it on. Lost is good, so that is a complement coming from me. I'm betting the three Katrina gal's story will come up, character development takes some time. So many good things that everyone else has mentioned, so I'll keep it at that. Yay Tim! Yay Nathan! Oh, and soccer mom - love her.
Okay, coming to this late. Just wanted to add that really enjoyed it. Nathan's hot, and I love the Salazar brothers and the father-daughter team. I'm very intregued by the mystery too.
Hell of a lot of fun.

Best new show of the 2006-2007 season, at least so far (yes, I've seen Heroes). Here's to hoping it gets even better; not worse, like the uber-promising Studio 60.
The ratings are out and they're rubbish.

Quite simply: Argh. That is me right now.

There's no way they will keep the show if the ratings don't, like, double.

Somebody give me a bin to stick my head in.

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can you source the bad news gossi?? And man... what does it take to get people to watch this damn show?? Do they need scantily clad men and women in the show for people to watch this?

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Looks like it finished in fourth place with a 3.8/6.

Yikes. To what can we attribute this? The only thing I can think of is a bit of backlash against TOO MUCH promotion on Fox's part (I've heard people complain abut the ads), but that doesn't really seem right. WTF?
Being mindful of Joss' remark about comparisons being odious, it "reminded" me of the British show The Prisoner, really (though I actually saw more than one person on other boards compare ito to It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World -- that movie and Gumball Rally are camp. This is firmly based in reality and the stakes are extremely high). Especially in Tully's case, no escape. Instead of the rolling ball, they've got his wife to keep him in line. Very inventive, great twists, especially with the blonde woman/partner, thrilling car scenes. Great company psycho in Brian Bloom. I hope Tully gets another vehicle other than the truck eventually, 'cause that thing is falling apart. What, no Amy Acker flashback? Maybe next episode.

Hope the show generates great buzz and runs as long as it can.

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Well, Septimus, Metacritic showed that the critical reception was mediocre at best. That probably kept at least a few viewers from tuning in. The ubiquity of the ads turned off some people too, no doubt, but even more, the ads could have repelled people who just didn't like the concept(I'm guessing women especially). And for those who did, The Amazing Race was on at the same time. Lots of factors.

Someone posted somewhere else that, however unfairly, Tim was getting a reputation as a show-killer. I hope like hell that's not true, as I'd never heard that particular rumor before. If this show does tank though, I wonder how many more chances he'll get? Damn.
Someone posted somewhere else that, however unfairly, Tim was getting a reputation as a show-killer. I hope like hell that's not true, as I'd never heard that particular rumor before. If this show does tank though, I wonder how many more chances he'll get?

I've wondered that myself. How many failed shows can you put out(regardless of fault) and keep getting networks to take a chance on you? Or is Minear under a time length contract with Fox and so they'll keep putting out what he makes until the contract is done?
toast: "That being said, the motion actually does make me a little carsick. I'm sure I couldn't read while watching it, but I guess that's for the best."

That gave me a nice chortle, toast.
As I understood it, there were 13 episodes ordered, and it would be broadcast in the Monday 8pm slot until May 7th, with the remainder of the 13 in an, as yet, undetermined time slot.

This had best be true, lest Fox split the whedonverse audience between AH in HIMYM and NF in Drive.
Twittered through the whole thing with the director and other Twitter friends. It was fun! Looking forward to next week show!
Hey, Moonliter! Don't forget that it's on tonight, Mondays, er, NOW (or already over, depending on your time zone)!

ETA: This is convenient, but not good: I see that Fox is now letting you play the whole eps on one of their MySpace pages. That's what they did when the cancelled Vanished, right? Well, er, maybe it's just so everyone who missed the two-hour premiere can see it now! Yeah, that's it! :-(

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