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"I didn't lay my faerie eggs inside your inner ear canal to watch you die."
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April 15 2007

L.A. Times Sunday Calendar Talks with Nathan Fillion. Cappy talks about visiting the set of "The Office," acting against a blue screen, and answers the question "Joss Whedon - madman or genius?"

The answer, of course, being "all of the above." Fillion's mother says, of him, "You're very much a comic-book nerdy guy. You look mainstream, but inside, you're a nerd."

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I love him quoting his mom at the end. Looking forward to Drive tonight!!!!
"...was late for this interview because he was helping a neighbor get a cat out of a tree."


Well, that did it. If I didn't already really like this man - which I do - that would have sent me over. What a mensch.

And the leading-man thing was just hi-larious - shows how they'll type you no matter what you do.

"Recently there was another American television program that took the success of an English show."

Anybody think they know which show he might mean? I know they're gonna attempt to do Life on Mars, but not out yet... (Would the Welsh version be Llife on Mars?) Pop Idol? I know it's definitely not the wretched American Coupling...

Am I being très thicky here?
It's gotta be American Idol, right, QG? Also, for those of you who read Nathan's MySpace, I wonder if the cat-out-of-a-tree story is a made-up one (he's instructed fans seeing him at cons to say, "Hi, I'm [your name here] from [your city here] and I want to thank you for helping me with [act of kindness or heroism here]." ;-)
like my mom once said to me, "You're very much a comic-book nerdy guy. You look mainstream, but inside you're a nerd."

Probably why he and Joss get along so well. And why they're both so damn appealing.
Joss Whedon - Madman or Genius

How funny. I was just this minute doing an essay on William Blake about whether he was a madman or genius.

Comparison? I think so!
I think Nathan would be the type to get cats out of trees, even big cats.
I'm always waiting for an opening for someone to say, "This is crazy" or "This is weird" — it has to be "This is" — and then I kick them and say, "THIS IS SPARTA." You have to have it ready. In your holster, cocked and loaded.

Great... Now I am stuck with Gerard Butler (playing King Leonidas) saying that in Nathan's voice...
Nathan is amazing, seriously. He just seems real, like he could be your drinking buddy or your next door neighbour..

Why aren't there more people like him in Hollywood?
The whole bit about 300 and Sparta was hilarious. I was giggling maniacally in my chair.
"Joss Whedon - madman or genius?"

Can you be one without the other? If you don't think like everybody else they call you mad, but if you do, how can you be a genius? Actually I always claimed that most brilliant people are schizophrenic to some degree and when I just googled for that, I found:

-"Such genius has long been associated with serious mental illness, especially schizophrenia" (you better keep doing that, I don't want to be just a loony)

-"Among the geniuses themselves, schizophrenia occurred only in the artists, and manic-depressive insanity only in the scientists" (great, so now I'm the not-so-brilliant guy becoming a computer scientist when he should have been a writer.. but I guess I can pull off manic-depressive, too)

-"There are also links between schizophrenia and creativity but its sufferers' thoughts are more obscure, making it harder for the general population to relate to them." (would explain why Joss is always just said to have "cult followings")
(Would the Welsh version be Llife on Mars?)

"Llife on Mars though, isn't it" is very popular in the valleys apparently.

Great... Now I am stuck with Gerard Butler (playing King Leonidas) saying that in Nathan's voice...

"What was that ? Did the primary aspis just fall off my Gorram phalanx ?"

Heh, turns out Nathan's a band geek. He just never joined the band (and 'verses collide ;).

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