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April 16 2007

Doug Jones stars in the remake of 'The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari'. The tallest of the creepy Gentlemen from Hush, stars in this cutting edge indie re-make of the German silent film, using the original sets from the 1919 film. Comes out on DVD in June.

So Doug Jones is the new Conrad Veidt?

I was thinking about this recently, watching Hush again after seeing Pan's Labyrinth, and he's becoming such a notable monster actor he could also be the new Lon Chaney...
I initially groaned at the idea of a Caligari remake, as I adore the original, but Doug Jones? I could get behind that! *goes off to check out the website*
This looks really neat! Good for him! I have to wait for home to really look at the website though.

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