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April 16 2007

Another Coup for Wolfram & Hart Casting Department. Sarah Thompson (Angel's "Eve") guest-starred in Without A Trace last night in an episode entitled "Crash and Burn."

The fact that the episode detail page on IMDB doesn't list her as part of the cast is no doubt another part of her punishment by Wolfram & Hart. Demonic insiders, by the way, indicate that her excellent performance has now been consigned to syndication for all eternity.

Not to mention that it will be rediscovered in the summer reruns. It was an interesting story about how a stunt man becomes missing, and it has something to do with an off-road accident his friend suffers. Sarah's the wife of the friend whose impact on this story comes suddenly.
Sarah was great in this episode! I too was dismayed by the lack of IMDB mention. I shoulda known W&H was involved...
Ha! I just posted this over at .org. I thought her acting here had improved over that in Angel.
I was just running up to see if anyone else had noted this. (I was watching because I only had time to watch a one-hour show...not Drive quite yet.) Her performance was quite good. She was the wife of a disabled Marine/stunt man. And she believed she was doing the right thing...
It's strange, but I quite liked her on Angel. The character definately grew on me by the time we got to A Hole in the World etc.

Although I do remember reading somewhere that Morena Baccarin was originally considered for the part of Eve, but couldn't do it due to commitments. Oh imagine what that would have been like!

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