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April 16 2007

(SPOILER) 'Drive'-ing, Joss-ing, and Whedon-ing. A Whedonist discusses Drive (yay!), Fox TV executives (boo!), and the various exciting ways that Joss kills off characters we love (sigh!). Includes a Drive fan-fic challenge!

He asks what kind of car are you, and I really am what I drive: a very old Subaru impreza that will hold most of what I own (at least the stuff I really care about) and still gets great gas mileage! It has great pick up and will respond immediately to my road rage, but I would never risk it (or me) on a cross country race!
That's the funniest thing I've read all week! (Of course, it's only Monday...)
I love the "nice shirt by the way". Just subtle enough to be really funny.
After today, I truly needed that.
I drive an Acura TL. but I suspect I'd want something different for a road race...but what...have to ponder this...
LOL, this whole blog is hysterically funny. Loved it.
That was hi-larious!!! Thanks, because I definitely needed that.
He left out a major Joss-ing/Whedon-ing, with the poor girl whose werewolf boyfriend leaves, then she meets her new girlfriend, then drives her away, then finally reunites just in time for the other girl to be shot in a bizarre coincidence of physics.
Awesome, loved the Jossing and Whedoning. Although the nice shirt comment at the end made me simultaneously laugh and tear up (you know the standard sad-crying-laugh:).
Okay, I'm glad I'm not the only one who laughed at the "nice shirt" line.
Very, very funny, with lots of hidden treats. Question though: if Quark were in charge of the Enterprise, shouldn't he yell out "LA FORGE, you drive like a spaz!" instead of 'Geordi'? I mean, you want to get your first name/last name straight....
i DRIVE (teehee) a 2004 maroon Pontiac Vibe 5 door. it is totally me, right down to the "Browncoat on Board" sticker and Firefly license plate frame. also large enough to hold my drum set but not too large to where i look like a soccer mom. (nothing wrong with that though...there are some hot soccer moms out there). i would totally take Rose, my car's name, on a race. i'm the type of person to drop everything and

and that "nice shirt" comment....omg. i laughed out loud and the girl in the cube next to me gave me a look.
um...... for those of us who are totally clueless(like me....) what does the "nice shirt" mean??? I know, I feel like a real dolt...
Or maybe, they are all about to blow up, when Mal's wife (not being much for the damsel-ing) turns blue, gets a new outfit, and bounds in to save the day, incidentally smashing the mystery people and some of the cars, too?

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"Nice shirt" is a reference to the comment that Tara makes when she is shot; she looks at the blood that just appeared on Willow's shirt and says "Your shirt" before she falls to the floor.

I thought this was a very perceptive article, one that builds upon many of the comments I have made over the past few meonths here about screenwriting tactics and strategies that Joss employs.
Oh, I thought the reference was to Veruca telling Willow she has a "Good shirt", just before going all dogy on Oz. It just goes better with Willow on campus.

"Geordi, you drive like a spaz!" hehehe

Is it me or did he forget about Zoe transforming into a goddess and Jayne into a lawyer?
I've only had time to read the first entry but it was *so* funny, and so needed at this time. Planning to go back later and read the rest, but my LOL moment so far was "the Reaverborgs are still cannibals but now they only eat computer parts".
Great stuff!!

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