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April 16 2007

"Drive" Episodes Now Playing on MySpace. Fox has made the first two eps of Drive (which aired on Sunday as the two-hour premiere) available on a MySpace page (USA only). The first two episodes can also be purchased at Direct2Drive.

They promise an "HD-like experience" at the highest quality, and there's also a discussion board.

Ooh! Does anyone know if they'll be adding new episodes as they air? Episode three got bumped by the Colbert Report on my TiVo tonight (even though when I set the season pass this morning it didn't show a conflict, grr argh), so this would be good news!
is this just for the USofA or can non-Americans access it too?
Look Drive has 9 friends. That is how many friends Nathan started with 11/09/2006.
Now he has 21899 friends. 04/13/2007
I tried to add Drive as a friend, and MySpace added "24" as my friend instead. Did anyone else experience this problem?
"FOX Video on Demand does not currently support computers running Windows Vista operating system. The site will support Windows Vista in the near future."

How odd. Anyway, it if anywhere near the quality of ABC's online broadcasts, it'll look just fine.
Great! I was looking for a way to watch the show since it is on when I'm at work.

NBC has an official catch-up thing on their website where you can watch the most recent episodes of shows you missed, so I'm glad FOX is stepping up too.
Yes, binkaboo, I too got an add to 24 instead.
I'm running Vista- so I'll have to wait. :(

Weird them adding 24 instead.
Caroline | April 17, 09:30 CET below has the link to add Drive to your myspace friends.

Somebody please drop them a myspace note about the 24 error.

24 on MySpace has 135,066 friends. Got a while for Nathan to catch up to that number.

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Yeah, I had the 24 error, too, and I'm not a friend of Drive yet, according to the friend list. It's OK, though, because I don't mind being 24's friend either.

Dang, I was hoping to catch this at the right moment and make it my first frontpage post... oh well. Oddly, since I tried to watch when the player was up but not the episodes, it's now not working for me... I need to get my roommate and various friends to watch this. So good!
I had the 24 error last night too. I'll try again after a while.

I don't think viewers outside the US can watch the episodes online. It doesn't work for me, at least. I wish it would, though.
Awwww crap!

I got a message saying;
Thank you for your interest in TV. This service is currently unavailable to viewers living outside the United States.

If they don't want international viewers then FINE. As long as they realize they are leaving people with no choice but to download these programs ILLEGALLY!

AND they can forget about being added to my 'friends' list, too. Pfffffftttttt.
The first two episodes can also be bought at Direct2Drive so I've added that to the subject line.
Missb - I think there are legal and licensing reasons behind the US-only thing. You know, like advertising and whatnot. I'm guessing they have it online for US viewers to catch up and all that good stuff, with a little ad support (though I've noticed their player rarely actually plays me any ads anymore...). Unfortunately that doesn't extend to international areas.
Thanks for the update, Simon! It looks like will also be offering the eps -- but that might be USA only, too, gorramit. Sorry, non-American folk. :-(
To add Drive instead of 24, use this link.
I do love the feeling of fannish togetherness one gets from "Service unavailable outside the US".
Another ticked-off Vista user here.

Why doesn't Fox just put this stuff up on iTunes?
Well to be fair, the BBC stops me from viewing a lot of their videomaterial, and the broadcaster I work for in the Netherlands does the same with some of their broadcasts. It's common practice however inconvenient it might be to the individual.

The one that annoys me is Their whole website can't be viewed outside of the US. That's just stingy.
It's not just advertising, overseas music rights have to be negotiated (and paid for) separately too so if the shows have any licenced songs/music in them, the broadcasters can't legally play them internationally (for instance 'House' on UK TV doesn't have Massive Attack's 'Teardrop' as the theme but some crappy sound-(not very)-alike and the recent DVD release of 'WKRP' has been basically crippled by not having most of the original music included - 'The Wonder Years' is also not available on DVD at the moment for the same reason).

And Vista has some pretty scary DRM stuff built-in at a fundamental level which may be the cause of that particular problem. Like the 'best' of Microsoft's stuff, it provides a decent enough user experience but it's still deeply broken.

As for downloading, well, there're ways around that (though, sadly, not legal ones).
Cool, I've managed to miss all three episodes. Now I just have to figure out when I've got three hours free to catch up.
Works fine under Vista in Firefox if you trick it into thinking you're running XP.

Enter "about:config" in the Firefox address bar, find "general.useragent.override" and set it to "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20070309 Firefox/". When you're done watching just right click it and reset the value.

(Slightly messy but no chance of breaking anything provided you reset the mentioned value after you watch. The video will also disable Aero until you close it out, which is probably why it isn't supported yet)
Thanks for the link Caroline!
I didnt want to be friends with 24- although I guess I am now...
Thanks so much for linking, Caroline.

Mifeng, you can remove "24" from your friends list if you don't want to keep it there. From your home page, click "view all my friends" and then click "edit friends" in the blue bar above your friends' pictures. You can click the box for "24" and delete the selection from there.
i'm really liking Drive. please don't let this be another Fillion series collected in 13 eps on DVD.
Well, this is a good move on Fox's part. Now, they need to advertise it (the way NBC is always mentioning in ads that you can see their shows online at
Thanks for the suggestions everyone - I missed the pilot/premier on Sunday. So AFTER watching last night's episode, I backtracked and watched the first (two) online. I'm intrigued, but admit that I'm still not sold on the show besides the fact that Nathan is starring in it.
Drive has 2418 friends. 04/17/2007

That is a lot better than 9.

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