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April 17 2007

The Guardian's Cable Girl bemoans WW's loss of Joss.

Nice. But Joss is hardly the only feminist writer in Hollywood.
He is, however, the writer most suited for this particular story. Shame that something didn't connect.
I'm sure that the producers know what movie they want made. Which loosely translates to Maxim (yes, just like the magazine) spectacle for maximum payoff? And, I suspect, Joss was a little more committed to an actual story.

Not so enamored with the article's author about what "needs" to be included as core WW story and attributes. Yes to the bracelets, no to the spin. Yes to the lasso, yes to the jet, no to the girly pinup of the Linda Carter years. I think the Justice League cartoon series got her the best so far. If only we can find somebody to expand on that character to give us a deeper more complex WW, sort of the same treatment they gave to the Spider-Man series.
I thought this was funny. Plus, she used that word... what's the word?

"Imbue"... that's the word.
I think what she wants and doesn't want included was written in a spirit of irony. She's not seriously suggesting that corsetry is important, just as captions pointing out Nazi Germany aren't strictly necessary.

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