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"A bitca?"
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April 17 2007

James Marsters April Q and A is now online. This month he talks about books, Shakespeare, character wardrobe, and interesting people.

Another good mix of questions (and answers). The Dalai Lama is on my nightstand, too, in the form of "Live in a Better Way".
The Dali Lama .... no wonder we JM fans adore this guy in all his complexity. I consider myself half Buddhist (the other half needs something that recognizes the feminine in divinity and is therefore Wiccan) and all my Buddhist books are tucked away in a bookcase at the moment, when I could definitely benefit from some re-reading.
And I *so* related to the "feel like crap in the morning" comment. No matter how wonderful life might be at any given moment, it takes a good strong cup of coffee and a minimum of a half hour for me to feel anything other than, this is probably the day I'll get sucked into the Hellmouth :)

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