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April 17 2007

Amazon's deal of the day - The Chosen Boxset for 99 dollars. That's like 69 cents per Buffy episode. ETA: Boxset now sold out.

Perfect gift for someone who has come to the Buffyverse through the season 8 comic books.

This is a steal! If you ever had any doubts whether to give BtVS a watch, here's a chance to get all 144 episodes for peanuts. Trust me, you won't regret it:)
Hmm, anyone know how badly i'd get hammered by H.M Customs shipping into the UK ? Cos that's about 50 for the entire 7 seasons as compared to 120 over here. Very hard to pass up (plus, extra extra discy goodness).
Thanks for the heads up! Just ordered my set.

I've been wanting to replace my full size seasons with this for a while, but my wife was upset because I'd about $300 for all 7 seasons separately. For 99 bucks, she really can't say a lot.
Plus you can always donate the full size boxes to a local library for the tax write off. Or so I've heard ;)
*zoink* i paid $269 when it first came out, so anyone remotely interested should totally take advantage of this deal. i'm actually thinking about getting another set for my little brother. (he's 15)
Echos Saje's question.
Well in terms of coming into Canada, I don't think there are customs, but that is unque to this company. Money is an issue... but cosiderin the chosen box set isnt exactly widely availble and now for only 100 bucks US, and the canadian dollar doing well against US.... my god... sucha dilema, man I almost wished I didnt do that few day trip to NYC...

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*DOH double post* Am I the only one having problems posting comments to whedonesque the past few days?

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Still a good deal.

kurya, can't say so. Perhaps the network?
Thanks for the pointer - set ordered. YAY!!!
I ordered my box set about three weeks ago. I'm a smidgen pissy.
oh....can't breathe.
ok....just bought it....
better now.

as for customs stuff; you could have someone you know in the US buy and send to you as a gift OR you can buy from the US Amazon Marketplace if an independent buyer has it posted cheaper. for some reason customs/shipping stuff applies only to direct Amazon buys. this, of course doesn't completely apply to the "golden deal" thing but you could get it at least a good bit cheaper. good luck!
I'm sure you could buy it,and have it sent to someone you know in the US, and then they would just have to mail it to you as a gift- making it a little less work and money-changing for the favor-doer.

I have done a similar thing thing in the opposite direction, buying and charging stuff from websites in the UK, and having it sent to relatives there-avoiding the customs charges.

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Very, very nice. If I didn't have it already I'd totally snatch it now. (paid $140 at Deep Discount... would have waited for a deal if it weren't for fear of it disappearing again, like it tends to do for random periods of time).
OK, gossi (and any other interested UKers), I read up on about this 'import fees deposit' thing they do (basically they'll 'guess' the customs duty and rebate you if it's actually less - if it's more you pay no extra) so I went ahead as far as checkout and it added on ~ $26 (or 13 ish). Still a massive saving.

If you're more patient than I am you can get standard delivery for $7.49 (6-22 working days) but it turns out i'm actually exactly as patient as I am (i.e. not very) so I went ahead and got Priority Courier delivery (2-4 working days) as well and the total came to about $153 or 75 ish so still saving about 40-50 with the exchange rate being as favourable as it currently is (and getting the extra non-UK disc). Bargain.

ETA: And cheers for the heads up Simon.

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Thanks for the tip, Simon. I've been wanting this for a long time and at this price I couldn't resist - even though it's tax day! "But, honey, it was on sale."

As to customs charge, I called the Amazon U.S. customer service, but they couldn't give me the requested information. Maybe if you call Amazon UK's customer service, they can tell you how much it would be?
leafblown, if you ordered it from, they do price adjustments within 30 days, so if you give them a call today at 800-201-7575, they'll credit you the difference.
For those in the UK, remember that these are fullscreen and not widescreen like your release. But on the positive side, the voices are not chimpmunked either like your 25fps version... ;-)
just going to have to wait for that angel complete set (sigh)
No, they're all Arnie-voice instead :P

For those in the UK, remember that these are fullscreen and not widescreen like your release.

Which is how Joss wanted it. Though, having OMWF (which is supposed to be widescreen) not anamorphic is ghastly.
re: TaraLivesOn's comment:

yah, it's funny--I've got the original boxes, the Chosen box, and the UK "book" versions. and every time I wanna watch one, I go for the UK version, for the widescreen, for the "previously ons", and for the overall better picture quality.

oh, and speaking of which--does anybody know if anyone's airing Buffy in HD yet? TNT-HD's got Angel (at 3 in the morning...grr...) but I haven't seen Buffy anywhere yet.
I've been gnawing my fingers in indecision about this set since it was announced. Despite many moments of near weakness, I just couldn't ever bring myself to pick it up. And then this post, sparking gnashing anew. And as I was arguing myself yet again (with my mother on the phone in her often-silent soundboard capacity), she put me on hold for a minute and then came back and said she'd just bought it for me, so problem solved. Gotta love your parents sometimes.

I digress. My point is, cheers for the tip. My life is improved for having one less thing to waffle about endlessly.
I tried, really tried, to convince myself not to buy this.

Sorry, um - willpower? What's that?
For those in the UK, remember that these are fullscreen and not widescreen like your release.

Though the R1 boxset gets the bonus DVD and the R2 one doesn't. Or something like that. Boo hiss anyhow.
I bought it for my friend as a birthday present!! And the best part is she lives at our house, so I can watch it too! Hee hee... I'm so sneaky! ;-)
Eepp. I'm buying this boxset to get the bonus DVD. So, is the US R1 or R2? Keeping my fingers crossed, we're R1. If not, I have to quickly cancel my order.

Also, my Season 6 set has OMWF in widescreen, even though all the other episodes are full screen. So, does this change with the "Chosen" boxset?
The US is R1.
dammit, i have already a 550 balance(in canadian) on my credit card, do I add another 118(canadian) too??? IU am waffling now as I speak.
Oh, just buy the set already!
Whew. Thanks, Simon. Now I'm back to happily anticipating my shiny new purchase, rather than suffering from buyer's remorse.
Sold out. :(
It's sold out already. At 2:48 pm MST. wow - that was fast.
Drat. I just got my tax refund check in the mail, too. If ever there was a time.
Has everyone noticed that it is the #1 DVD in the top seller position for today.
Yeah...I didnt get a chance to buy it... sorry for being too annoying about it madhatter lol. Actually I am glad, at least my wallet is glad... and in terms of being #1 and selling out, I am sure whedonesque helped that out...
I must have just made it in under the wire with my order 'cause now the set isn't available and it was only a few minutes between my transaction and going back to check the page. **fingers crossed that Amazon honors the order**
Rats. You mean if I'd just hemmed and hawwed a while longer my decision would've been made for me?

I'm trying to feel some buyer's remorse but it just isn't there. :p

*stares at the mailbox until a Buffy Chosen Collection magically appears in it*

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Hey yay to all those who've just bought Buffy for $99 - I bought it for $140 on deep discount, but that was a year and a half ago, so I'm happy :)

I'm still waiting for Angel to show up cheaply... There is the UK box set, but that's still pretty expensive - 89 pounds is about $180 US for 5 seasons, so still about the price you can find all seasons for individually... Presumably there is no inside information yet on if the equivalent R1 Angel box set will ever be made?
I'm very glad, for my bank account's sake only, that it was sold out early.
Ooooh I want Jet Wolf's parents. :) I waffled long enough to let it sell out, which I knew would happen and yet I feel so empty! Totally couldn't afford it right now, but still the hollow sadness of a Buffy-less life. And drama queen moment over.
For future reference, the UK customs charge is just the 17.5% VAT. (Duty doesn't apply if the value is < 200.) In addition, the Royal Mail charges you 8 for collecting the money from you. (Was 4, but I just checked the Royal Mail web site and it seems to have doubled recently!) If the VAT is paid by the sender then I assume the Royal Mail charge doesn't apply.

By the way, I just checked the latest exchange rate. The pound has broken the $2 barrier! ;)
Cheers for the post Simon. I ordered one in time and it arrived yesterday. My problem is that the box set I received lacks the "signed letter from Joss Whedon." Has anyone else encountered this and if so, how was Amazon about sending along said letter?

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