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April 17 2007

Virginia Tech tragedy postpones this week's 'Bones' episode. Remember when the Columbine shooting postponed not only the 'Earshot' episode from Buffy, but the second half of 'Graduation Day'? Fox is postponing this week's episode of 'Bones', 'Player Under Pressure', because of the story about a murder of a college basketball player. No word on when it will air.

Ok they are replacing one episode about a dead college student, with another one that starts out with 2 teenage boys who were kidnapped and buried alive by someone called the Gravedigger? Maybe it's me but it seems like changing same for same, they should have replaced it with Booth shooting the clown one, that would have been better.
Is that they rerun they chose? Yeah, not exactly a good choice, and you're right, the shooting a clown one would have been better, as it's upbeat and funny. Oh well.
I know in the case of 'Earshot' the people on 'Buffy' felt that it would have been healing, that the ultimate message might have helped, but I can understand the network not wanting to appear to be insensitive. And of course we don't know if the 'Bones' episode would be insensitive.
ultimately they are just TV shows, but the irony in the Buffy 'Earshot' episode is the message it made against such horrible actions. people never look beyond the surface anymore.

as for the Bones ep, well, like i said...just a TV show.
When I saw promos for the original episode to be aired, I wondered if it might be pulled because of the Rutgers women's basketball team controversy. Who could have imagined the reason it actually was.
Lets take a moment here please. I understand what happened the week before "Earshot". I rather what just happen not.....
I'm sorry. I'm out.
It's just TV, and there are guns and shootings airing somewhere at any given time. Does the decision to pull a fictional television show in response to a real life event really show sensitivity on the part of TV execs, or does it merely serve as a publicity ploy? Seems like the latter to me.

Writing from Virginia...

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I love Bones, but I know I'm not ready to watch college students be murdered tomorrow night...Much like I still wasn't ready to see "United 93", and that was what, 5 years later? I appreciate the network sensitivity, publicity stunt or not, since I probably would have just turned the show on as I do every week, not knowing what the episode would be about. Despite the fact that 16-year-old me back in the day was irritated about no new Buffy, it was the same thing with "Earshot". Despite the message, I don't think most people were ready to see a kid with a gun in a clocktower so soon after Columbine (and I wouldn't have been either). It hits too close to home, and it's too painful for those who are greiving. So I say good for Fox for doing something not-evil for once.
Despite the fact Bones is fiction, I appreciate the network having the sensitivity, whatever the reasons behind it, to pull the show. One of my friends and former classmates was one of the people murdered yesterday and myself and many others aren't ready to watch or hear anything about college murders so soon. Even flipping through the channels and seeing something remotely similar is painful. I know I don't have to sit down and watch it, but I'm glad FOX had respect for those of us in mourning.
Condolences for your loss, P.Y.

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PY, how terrible. I'm so sorry.
terribly sorry for the loss of your friend PY.
piggiesfly yay, my sympathy to you.

"Sorrow makes us all children again - destroys all differences of intellect. The wisest know nothing." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

And my condolences to all who lost a loved one in in this tragedy...
Carolyn (piggiesfly yay), my heartfelt sympathies for your loss.

I'm finding it difficult to turn on a TV or radio or pick up a newspaper right now because it's so sad and painful even though I'm not personally connected to any current Tech students or faculty. I have many friends who are Tech grads, and I got an e-mail today from a friend whose niece has two injured friends. (Thank goodness they survived.) I live in Fairfax County, Virginia and am an employee of the school system. The shooter has been identified as a graduate of one of our high schools.

Everyone copes in his or her own way. If Fox's decision to pull a TV episode makes some people feel better, then it's a good thing. I'm just old and cynical and not trustful of their motives.
Add me to the "old and cynical and not trustful of their motives" column. That being said, anything that lessens the minute to minute pain for those directly effected by this tragedy, has to be a plus. My heart goes out to all concerned, as it breaks once again for what my country has become. And I'm not talking about the psychos who perpetrated this atrocity, but the apologists for the travesty of what passes for gun control in the U.S.
I'm so glad to come to a place where people are understanding and more concerned about the bigger piture here than upset over missing an episode of a TV show. (Unlike other places where people were outraged that Fox could do such a thing.) Sheesh.

PY I'm so sorry for your loss. I know it might not help much, but please know that everyone worldwide is keeping everyone at Tech, the friends, and families in our thoughts and prayers.

Also writing from VA where my best friend of 8 years lost a good friend...
Carolyn (PY), I'm so sorry for your loss, and for all who lost friends or family.
Yeah, i'm sorry for your loss piggiesfly yay. The whole thing is terribly sad, even from a distance. It shouldn't matter since a life is a life but when young people with their whole lives ahead of them are killed it somehow seems even more tragic.

As for bumping the programme, it is just a TV show, which to me means if it being moved to a later date can save already grieving families even more grief then the decision is trivially easy.
My sympathies piggiesfly yay.
I'm also so very sorry for your loss Caroline, I cannot imagine what you and the families and friends of these poor victims are going through.
I went to Virginia Tech on Tuesday..let me tell you, I wouldn't make it through an episode of Bones like that.
My deepest sympathies piggiesfly yay.

Pulling a TV show for a reason like this makes perfect sense. When death hits close to you, it is hard to say what will hit the exposed nerves. It is better to play it safe in a case like this.

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