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April 17 2007

(SPOILER) Spike: Shadow Puppets #2 Solicitation. Part of IDW's solicitations for July.

There is also an inks preview page up at IDW's website:

Yes, looking forward to more Spike, just can't get enough. I really like this cover, he is so handsome *sigh*
Since the Art Du Jour images change weekly, I've listed the pages below with a "permanent" link:
Inks Preview Page - Issue #1 . Funny.
Cover for Issue #2 A certain new favorite looks like he's back and
Does anyone know if this comic is available as a subscription yet from IDW? I have been trying to find it and place an order, but no luck.
Maybe it's just me...but I'd like to know if anyone else has been able to order it yet...thanks.
Thanks MacGuffin - it's good to have those permanent links.

kathylovesspike - as far as I know the subscription isn't available yet from IDW, but it might be from other websites.
Thanks, angeliclestat and MacGuffin. I'm crossing my fingers for the return of that fan favourite and that inks preview page is very intriguing.

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So looking forward to this! Brain Lynch's writing is always wonderful and his characterization of Spike a delight.
Thanks guys...I will keep watching for IDW to offer the pre-order.
I love Brian Lynch's take on Spike and I hope that he can continue to do more Spike projects. I know I'll keep buying any Spike comics they want to write.
Awesome, only a month and a half before the next Spike story starts, i can't wait.
So looking forward to this. June can't come soon enough for me.

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