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"Way to go with the keen observiness, Jessica Fletcher."
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April 17 2007

A werewolf and The Groosalugg in Grimsby. Jenny Mollen and Mark Lutz will be attending a one day Slayerfest event at the Caxton Theatre in Grimsby on May 15th.

So I wonder if he has a pair of the contacts they made him wear as the Groosalugg.

Those made him look pretty awesome.
I wonder if that his new publicity shot, if he sells that even though it's heavily doctored (the abs are fake) I would buy it! :)
Oh wow! They're both going to be busy! They're @ the Coventy Sci-Fi fair May 12 and 13, and I'm super excited to meet them both there!
I think the shot is probably from his new movie, Victor, about the Canadian swimmer guy.
I went to one of these events in Grimsby a couple of years ago.

Its an evening run by fans and the local theatre company.

I cant recommend it enough! They pack into one night what most cons do in 3 days. You're guaranteed pictures and autographs too! Dont think about it GO lol

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