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April 17 2007

The official movie poster for SMG's new movie "The Air I Breathe". The movie stars Forrest Whitaker, who just got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Andy Garcia, Kevin Bacon, and Brendan Fraser, and revolves around the ancient Chinese Proverb which speaks of the four cornerstones of life--happiness, pleasure, sorrow, and love.

SMG plays sorrow, though I am sure she has an actual name in the movie, and it opens at the Tribeca Film Festival with sold out shows.

ETA: Thanks goes to Daphne Blake at and here is the original site.

That is an incredible cast for SMG to be a part of!

Actually, the IMDb credits her as Sorrow - so perhaps that is her pop star character's name?
Yep, or if it's metaphysical enough maybe those are the actual character names (as in 'The Driver', maybe the best car-chase movie ever made, where you have characters just credited as The Driver, The Player, The Detective etc.).

Really quite a dull poster IMO (certainly compared to the previous alternative which I thought was very effective) but the film sounds pretty interesting and with that cast it has to be worth a look.
Wow, Saje, you're right - that earlier poster is much more dramatic and interesting!

What's really interesting about the first poster is the order of the names - with SMG first! On the more recent poster, the actors are credited in alphabetical order. But at least this time they spell Julie Delpy's name correctly!
But wasn't that last poster not official? Just some sort of photoshop attempt?

Maybe I'm wrong, but the director addressed it on his blog.

He also addressed the name issue, and that their names were actually "Happiness, Sorrow, Love, and pleasures."
Damn Sarah looks great. I can't wait to see this movie. That other poster puts me in the mind of Buffy and Angel, as in Angel carrying Buffy out of the Hellmouth. It's down right distracting and I like this one a lot better for this movie.

I am thrilled to see Sarah along side Brendon Frasier. He is one of my favorite male actors.
But wasn't that last poster not official? Just some sort of photoshop attempt?

Oh, very possibly Plight (though I can't find anything either way so a link would be great. Searching on "jieho lee air I breathe poster" has Google asking if I meant "jae lee" ;). My point was mainly that it's just a much better poster IMO, whether it's the official one being largely irrelevant.

Where the other image is quite striking in its own right and immediately provokes questions, this one tells me nothing about the film beyond who's in it (admittedly quite a large draw in itself) and has practically no artistic merit. Even the colour scheme says "Dull", loudly. Still, as always, s'all totally subjective ;).
Hmm...maybe they thought the first poster looked to much like the poster from "Crash."

I am really looking forward to this film (not to mention Southland Tales, if we ever get to see it). SMG is so talented, it's good to see her moving away from crappy horror movies and kid movies.
Wow, great cast. Hope this one goes well for SMG, she deserves it after all this time.

I actually like the new poster more. It shows the movie is really about the characters and their likeness to this proverb, whereas I feel the old one suggests an actual moment in the plot. Important difference.
Yeah, I thought the first poster was too Crash-y.

Anyway, this is a damn good cast and a damn good poster.

Who's directing this? I mean, I could go on IMDb...but where's the fun in that? Plus that would totally ruin my hard work at being this lazy.
Hmm...maybe they thought the first poster looked to much like the poster from "Crash."

Hmm, maybe ;-).

(I think I know the - presumably US - one you actually mean yamsham, i'm just being facetious ;).

Jieho Lee is the director, BTW UpC (s'why I was Googling his name above). All that hard work shouldn't go unrewarded ;).
Ooooh! I'm really excited for this movie! I can't wait to see Sarah hold her own with these other very talented actors! Hopefully this project leads to many more interesting and awesome projects to come!
There's been a few versions of the poster for the movie, and I have to say this is one of my favorites.

I can't wait to see this movie. The cast is a huge draw but the story is so interesting.
Is it just me, but isn't Sarah's photo in all of the versions, the largest, or at least shows more of her face than any of the other actors?
Do the distributors think her image can sell the movie best?
Sarah fronted 'The Grudge', which took about $70m in the US alone, so it's not unreasonable to say Sarah can open a movie (if it's good).
It was actually $110 million in the US alone, so you're definitely correct gossi.

I'm excited about this film. I think it has the potential to be excellent.

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My one fear is that, as a first-time director, Jieho Lee may screw it up. There was obviously something about the script, which he co-wrote, that drew some top-notch talent to the film. Still, it's a long way from idea to reality and I'd feel a lot more comfortable with a good veteran director helming the pic. It feels like Sarah's main, and maybe only, chance to vault into the big leagues, and I'm both scared and exhilarated. Fingers crossed all the way on this!

I assume there will be reviews, yes? So we should know in a couple of weeks whether it's any good.

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Resolute, gossi, shambleau ; well, admittedly in the logn we're all dead, but in the short run all we can do is keep our fingers crossed. But I think it'll redound to her benefit regardless, break the genre pigeonhole.

Saje;another long-run issue; The Driver was *massacred* by the critics when it came out. We'll see.

cheryl;Haven't boned up on this *that* much but I think the four stories are mostly or entirely separate, so Smidge will mainly be interacting with Andy Garcia. Which isn't a bad thing. (I still want to see a movie where she's torn between Amber Benson and Will SMith, tho. *smile)
That's o.k. too Daddycatalso, although it would be cool as hell to see Sarah and Brendon together in a scene. Two of my favorites. *Happy sigh*
Sarah does have some interaction with Forest Whitaker. A few months back there was a promo pic of Sarah with Brendan Fraser's character. So it won't be just about Sarah and Andy Garcia.

I'm really looking forward to this film. On a positive note, Forest Whitaker has been absolutely beaming about this film. He was very optimistic about it in several interviews, during his Oscar campaign.

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Ooohhh nice. Looking forward to this one.

And it'll be great to now be able to conveniently link to SMG whenever I have a game of 'Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon'.
Yes, Brendan & Sarah share scenes together. Bob DeRosa, the co-writer, left a message on his blog at about Brendan & Sarah getting stuck in a car while filming:

Eventually, the sun went down, and we set off for another scene. As police held traffic, we took a sharp turn into probably the busiest intersection in Mexico CityÖand broke a wheel. All of sudden, there we are, stranded, holding up about a THOUSAND cars (Iím only sorta exaggerating). Sarah and Brendan were in this scene, and thus stuck in the car, trying to keep each other laughing and in good spirits as a thousand cars honked in rage at us, our crew racing to fix the trailer and get us on our way before we started a revolution in the streets.

Also, I thought the official Tribeca website mentioned all of the main characters stories intertwine with one another. I'd assume then, Sarah would also share scenes with Kevin.
The key ingredient of any movie poster is an unobstructed view of Sarah Michelle Gellar's face. Even if she's not in the movie.
Better and better, I guess;I just hope M.s Sorrow doesn't croak.

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