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April 18 2007

Bid for pink boxing gloves signed by Nathan Fillion. It's all part of an effort to raise funds to help fight breast cancer. You can also bid for pics signed by the likes of Tony Head and Clare Kramer.

Those who with good memories will remember that we've linked to Lisa Spodak's charity efforts before. In particular, the wonderful Project Teddy Bear campaign.

Previous Project Teddy Bear links

Lisa, you rock! Thanks for linking to this year's fundraisers, Simon. :-)
That's a pretty cool idea. That picture is pretty cool and I swear to god I'm going to go the rest of the day figuring out if any gloves are really meant for boob handling.

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In that picture besides Nathan's signature, is it nathan punching out Jonathan Woodward? Man so funny , and a great cause too.
Maybe Mr. Fillion has the only pair of boob handling gloves. He wants to make sure it stays that way.
Thanks guys! :)

(And, yes, kurya, that's Jonathan Woodward in the picture with Nathan. :))

I'm a little short on the Whedonverse bears this year, but, it *is* only April... hopefully I'll get some more before the year is up!

I'm going to see Prelude to a Kiss next week, so, I'll definitely try to get Alan Tudyk then. And, of course, keeping my eyes open for other opportunities. :)
It's so, so weird that I've been seeing so many breast cancer awareness efforts in the past 3 weeks. I say it's weird, because 3 weeks ago, I got slapped in the face with breast cancer awareness. When you find out your sister has breast cancer, you become pretty aware. So ladies, do your self-exams. Guys, make sure all the ladies in your life are aware and do their self-exams. A self-exam saved my sister's life.

Thanks for your efforts, Lisa. And thanks for posting the link, Simon.
I would pay dearly for three minutes in the ring with our Mr. Fillion. I'd even promise to avoid hitting him in the face (as long as he abides per same.) No shovels, swords or screwdrivers, but maybe Qmx gun replicas at 20 paces...
Thanks for all your hard work Lisa! Keep it up.
Thanks mifeng! :)

Arista: I'm so glad your sister did her self-exam and they caught the problem early. My mom is also a survivor. I know *way* too many people who know someone with breast cancer. :(

And, you're right... awareness is *so* important. It's interesting... someone posted about the auctions on another site (Oh No They Didn't) and one of the first comments was along the lines of "wouldn't Everlast have done better by donating money instead of making those gimmicky gloves?" But, really, if they'd just donated the money that the gloves cost... there wouldn't be these pictures and posts and threads... and if the pictures and posts and threads help start discussions and raise awareness at all... that's really valuable, too.

I actually sell shirts on Cafepress to raise money, too, and one of the shirts says "squish a boob, save a life" on the front and "get your mammogram today" on the back. A friend got one for his mom who then (finally!) got a mammogram... and they found something which, thankfully, turned out treatable at that stage. In a way, that result of awareness has an even more tangible, immediate impact than raising money does.

Oops... sorry... climbing off my soapbox now. ;)
This is an excellent project - and my Mom was also a breast cancer survivor (though something else did take her down) and a regular screening - and good medical care - saved her life so that we could have her with us for an extra ten years...

Thanks, lisaspo, and Arista, my good vibes to your sister. It's weird how when something comes to the fore of your consciousness, you start to see it everywhere...
lisapo, you really shoudln't have to justify the use of those gloves. It is true the value in the discussion and the awareness derived from those "pink gloves" is incalculable, especially compaed to the cost of those gloves. Plus I am sure one should take into account that the cost of the gloves is miniscule compared to the amount of money those signed pink gloves will raise.
My mom's a breast cancer survivor as well, though it had reached the stage where she had to have a double mastectomy done:(

Still...this is all kind of cool. Already got a Project Teddy Bear or PTB knockoff with Summer's Jane Hancock, so I think pink boxing gloves with Nathan's brilliance on them would go a long way to adding to the collection of charitable items I am gathering;)

Can I say "dang I got outbid" and "yay! more money!" at the same time?
Thanks kurya. :)

BEB... best wishes to your mom. And good luck with the bidding!

For BEB and quotergal (and anybody else who either has lost someone to breast cancer or knows someone who's a survivor): If you do end up making a donation, please make sure to send me your mom's (or grandmother's or sister's or friend's) name... I keep a list on my site ( of all the people I'm walking for.

mifeng... absolutely! I should remind you, though, of what I just posted on all the auction listings... when you make the donation on the Avon site for your winning bid, you *can* set it up to make equal credit card payments over either 3 or 5 months... you know, if that makes a difference. ;)
lol! I like the way that you think!
lisa- dont worry, its not over yet!
My 93 year old grandma is a survivor, so I really do love this.
Ahh... bidding strategy! I like to see that mifeng. ;)

And, like I said above, please be sure to give me your grandmother's name if you end up making a donation and I'll add her to the list of people I'm walking for. :)

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