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July 28 2002

Dark Horizons - Seth Green Interview Aussie-based movie news website Dark Horizons has an interview with ex-Buffy cast member Seth Green up at their site. He discusses his role in Austin Powers: Goldmember.
"...The sassy ex-Buffy actor talks playing a bald megalomaniac's son all over again."

Not a single breath about Oz & Buffy passed Seth's lips. Again. I wonder how long it'll take before Whedon stops holding out for him?

They can bring Oz back. They just get a different actor to play him. Or actress for that matter. He's a shapeshifter after all. He used to change his hair color at the drop of a hat, so changing his entire physical structure would not be much of a stretch. A surprise, of course, but it could be explained away.

Oz would just say, "Went to Alaska. Things got ...weird. I came back. I'm okay. I'm still me. Just look different."

"Taller," Buffy would note.

"Well yeah. Maybe a little."

Then Xander could say, "Care to elaborate on the weirdness in Alaska, Wolf Man?"

"Too long a story, X-Man. You know me. I don't elaborate."

Then Willow'd go, "That's our Oz!" and that'd be the end of it.

Well, several episodes later maybe someone else would come along from Alaska who was involved in Oz's transformation, and Oz'd be forced to fill in some blanks. It'd make a nice plot arc for an episode or two, then they'd be done.

I mean if Doctor Who could be played by like, eight or nine different actors in the history of that series, certainly Oz could be played by two of them.
nooo. seth green makes oz

completely agree with kv. Seth Green IS Oz. There is no substitute.

Granted, I'm doing me best impression of pathetic fan looking for any and all mention of the possibility of an Oz return as a regular.

Unfortunately, I wonder if Joss is going to have Willow go it alone for a year. I mean, there was hardly a break between Oz and Tara. What, eight episodes?

I do so miss Oz, though.
"there was hardly a break between Oz and Tara. What, eight episodes?"

Oz left in the episode "Wild At Heart" in the fourth season. Tara showed up first in "Hush" which was only four episodes later. Oz returned for one episode in "New Moon Rising" which was nine episodes after "Hush." Willow was actually pining for Oz less than four episodes before Tara entered the picture. That's about a month or so in BuffyTime.

"seth green makes oz."

You say that now. A lot of fans would be upset. A lot of fans were upset when Tara entered the picture but most of them got over it, some just in time to see her kick the bucket. I find the *character* of Oz more compelling than the actor who played him, and Seth Green has moved on. It hurts to accept. I've held out myself. During the first run I started watching the show cuz I happened to catch one with Oz in it & thought he was cool. When he left, so did I. I didn't come back to the show until it moved to UPN, and have since caught everything I missed on videotape or reruns, but believe me no one thinks Oz is cool more than me.

Green's the kinda guy who just likes doing weird stuff that's new to him, and Buffy is a "been there done that bought the T-shirt" kinda thing. Going back to Buffy now would be like going back to high school. If you've ever returned to your high school ten years after you graduated and all the halls feel claustrophobic & the chairs and the desks feel smaller.. Who'd wanna go back to that even to just visit? So Seth Green ain't coming back gang. I've been a holdout for that too but it's just not gonna happen. But I WANT to see Oz come back & the only way to do that is to get someone else to play him. Seth Green ain't Lon Chaney or Boris Karloff folks. Anyone could play Oz. The writers just never give you a sentence that's longer than ten words long. Simple. The actor just has to know to show no emotion. Give nothing away. Real subtle. Talk low. It would need to be an actor with a magical sense of dry humor and timing.

Have the new guy practice lines in the mirror like:
"I know. It's me. I'm goin' through some... changes!"
"You don't wanna find out what I am."
"Would it be better if I panicked?"
"I gotta bail."
"You smell like her. She's all over you. Do you know that?"
"Our lives are different than other peoples'."

Heck! A french monkey in pants could play Oz!
i've read articles, though, where seth green talks pretty frankly about how he'd like to come back, but joss hadn't contacted him. that ME had just assumed that he was too busy. which doesn't sound that far fetched, considering the fact that they consistantly tell us one thing, when something entirely different was true. then it surfaces later that we'd been lied to... it happened with glenn quinn, and that jeff/sofia debacle.
i think it's more likely that he's not been confonted with the possibility. why would he be? last season was all about willow and tara. i doubt they really want him, either. i think joss has a problem with willow/oz because it's such a harmonious pairing. same reason he killed tara, i think. too much happiness.
First Rule of the Jossverse: There Will Be No Happy Endings Within the Jossverse.

Second Rule of the Jossverse: There Will Be No Happy Endings Within the Jossverse.

That's why Oz will not return and why Tara was killed. :(
I also think that there's "more than meets the eye" so to speak, over what happened with Seth Green leaving than Oz simply being written out of the show.
"more than meets the eye"

There are rumors years ago about ill will between Green & Whedon, but it's difficult to get concrete proof verifying this. From what I have deciphered, Green renegged on certain contractual date availabilities to be in a movie. In layman's terms, he didn't show up at the Buffy set when he was supposed to one or more days, and Whedon wanted Green to put Buffy on higher priority. Green puts movies on higher priority than tv, as many actors do. This disagreement led to contract arguments and "have your people talk to my people" discussions between Green & Whedon. In the end, M.E. decided to just let Green go and write out Oz indefinitely.

This is ALL just rumor and speculation though. Again I can't find anything concrete. If anyone else can find something to substantiate this I'm all ears. It would be nice if either Green or Whedon would clarify for Oz fans whether or not we'll ever see him again, but then Whedon likes keeping us wondering anyway, so we may never know. =(
I used to run a website for Seth Green up until early 2000, and a friend of Green's used to send me little bits and pieces of info. One of the things that he commented on once was some 'low level' conflict between SMG and Green. And little things that Alyson has said in various interviews about his departure also make me think that perhaps there was conflict between Green and Whedon, or at the very least Green and another cast member.
the thing i find most odd, though, is that if there was a little scuffle regarding green's loyalty (or whatever else) wouldn't it be more prudent to kill oz off entirely?
everybody knows (from interviews and such) that the joss claims to have had the willow storyline mapped out a long time ago. and that it's also been said that the character of tara was created to fill that need for a... catalyst when green left.
but M.E. had the perfect opportunity to get rid of oz in New Moon Rising, and they didn't.
that's the only reason i hold on to a glimmer of hope for oz to come back at least one more time.
Seth Greene on why he left Buffy: "When you're a regular character on a 22-episode season, the writers often struggle to put you into an episode where you don't necessarily belong," says the 27-year-old actor, who was also juggling a fledgling film career at the time. "I wound up working five days a week, 12-14 hours a day, to be in a scene with nine other people and say, 'I think Buffy's right.' That was creatively frustrating for me and the writers."
See what I mean? Impossible to find real dirt on this issue. All one can find is the boys playing nice-nice. To the public, both Whedon & Green only say the kind of words that lawyers would pour down their necks. Is it possible for us to find somebody out there who's actually gotten Green drunk one night and convinced him to say how he really feels?

Personally I always liked his performance precisely because of how little the writers gave him to work with. Green could do so much with so little. Especially early in the series. Like the "canape" scene or the scene where he got shot in the arm. They'd give him less than twenty words worth of lines in an average episode, and he'd put in those lines the emotional intensity and subtle nuances of an entire soliloquy. Yet he never went melodramatic.

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