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April 18 2007

Glory gets on the boat. Organizers of the Browncoat Cruise announce that Clare Kramer (of Buffy season five) has signed on as a guest: "Clare is a true Browncoat. Among other kindnesses, she opened her Hollywood restaurant La Cantina three weeks early, just to give the Backup Bash Browncoats a place to call home for an unforgettable evening with the cast."

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This is nice news even if no great surprise. When they said someone outside from Firefly/Serenity was coming, Claire seemed like the one.
I'm psyched - this is the best news I've seen in a while. Made up for Tax Day for me (but at least I wasn't a Turbo Tax filer last night). I didn't go to the Backup Bash, but heard about her generosity. Besides, she's nicer looking than Michael Fairman, even if both of their whedonverse characters are deeply, deeply evil.
Okay, so Glory has confirmed but what about Ben?
uhhh....brains aren't on the buffet menu, are they?
huh? Glory is Ben? or is Ben Glory?
I'm okay with brains BUT if she decides to open any portals...

FYI, don't give her a KEY to your room. In fact, don't give her a key to anything. She's a pesky one, that Glory.
Oh...I was sooo waiting for that. I feel so gratified now. Thanks death is my gift.
Are you all saying there is some sort of connection between Ben and Glory? (Seriously, I could play this game all day; I really need a life! ;-)
hehe, this is so cool. I have read people said such nice things about her(and the fact she opened up her club for B3 with help from others), it would be an honour to meet her in person. Awesome news.

And guys, please, this ben and glory nonsense is just pure silliness, everyone knows that ben and glory have nothing to do with each other. Blory and gen on the other hand...

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This is great news. I look forward to thanking Clare again for her kindness and generosity!
Having Clare come along is great for us, and a nice way
for all of us to say "Thank you" to her. :)
No Glory, you may not borrow my Manolo Blahniks. Even if I had any. This is such great news.
That is so cool, actors as fans, overlap between jossverse shows, unexpected connections. Next thing you know, someone will be suggesting there's a connection between Glory and Ben :)
If it's the place on Hollywood Blvd that's a couple blocks from the Kodak, I've been there a couple times. It's pretty cool. :)

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