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April 18 2007

Fray gets a boost. Quick mention of Fray's miniseries again in demand.

I started reading Fray too recently and liked it okay, but not as much as Buffy or Angel. It is my experience that the fantasy world of the Slayerverse doesn't mix that well with sci-fi (also see the Initiative and in season 4 of Buffy for example).
I have all my original issues all carefully saved, but this great series deserves a boost: it deserves to be re-released as a graphic novel!
okay i am cursed. i see (thanks to the link that wizard world is june 15 to 17 (will be out of town, again...what's the point of living in philly if keep missing conventions
I didn't see the Initiative so much as sci-fi as a way to contrast Buffy's approach to her job and her life with how some characters in sci-fi (and I would argue, fantasy) approach it.

I think the distinction between sci-fi and fantasy often falls away when well-written stories bearing either label arrive on the scene. I've always thought Buffy the tv series used elements of either whenever they were useful. Which is one reason I like it so much.

I still haven't tried Fray though.
Fray is available as a TPB. I bought it from not long ago and enjoyed it.
embers - While it may not be re-released as a GN, it has been collected as a trade paperback. For all those not wanting to spend a ton getting the story, it's the best way to go. And my favorite retailer Poplollies has copies available. They even have individual issues.

I remember tracking all the issues down shortly after it ended. Took me a while, but didn't cost as much as it's going for now.
My wife got me the trade paperback a few years ago...I hadn't read comics in decades, and the storytelling has undergone considerable change. Once I got used to the interior monologues and how the dialogue was presented, I was fine, and I tremendously enjoyed Fray. Also loved her chapter at the end of Tales of the Slayers.
Awesome. I'm still holding out hope that this series will be continued at some point.
I don't consider "Fray" to be sci-fi at all. I consider sci-fi to be stories where something scientific is key to the story. Like space travel. Or some kind of technology gone out of control. "Fray" is just set in the future. And there's flying cars and ray guns. 'Cause that's what people have in the future.

I love "Fray" muchly. I've read it three or four times within the past two months, and every time the "cavalry" arrives it makes me tear up.

It would be awesome to see Melaka develop further, and maybe build up the type of found family that Joss likes to write about. The story was definitely left open for more. I'd really like to see the Watcher's Council of the future, if it'll become a factor again, and if there's anyone sane associated with it.
I'd love nothing more than future Fray stories.
And flying cars.
And a machine that can record your dreams!

Wrong thread?
Yeah but who doesn't want flying cars ? ;)

I agree with blueanddollsome, 'Fray' is no more necessarily sci-fi than the prose 'Tales of the Slayers' are necessarily historical fiction, they're both stories about a magical universe which just happen to be set not-now.

And yep, in some ways my dream scenario would be a whole bunch of Buffy S8 (and 9 etc.) leading up to 'Fray' and then season 'X' as a continuation of the 'Fray' story. I'm not as attached to her as I am to Buffy and the gang but I sure do like me some Melaka.
Hmmm, dream scenario?

Two, maybe three, Buffy seasons in comic form running alongside the same number of Angel canon comic seasons, leading up to a blockbuster live action movie (naturally with all the cast back in their respective roles) where we see the final battle of the last slayer prior to Fray take place, as mentioned in the Fray series. Follow that up with a live action Fray television series that picks up where her comic series ended and you have the dream scenario.

I never said anything about realistic. :)
The three best things Mr. Whedon ever created:
3)The Cotton Gin

I love the Fray comics. I never read comics but I had to get the series and it was brilliant. I loved how it followed the Buffy law of vamps etc, but it was completely different, eg the twin thing. Great story telling!
Reading Fray is what got me into comics. I love taking it from the shelf and rereading it. Even after reading some great comic books I think the writing in Fray is superb. It had everything: twists, surprises, character development, flashbacks, action, sad parts and jokes.
Joss should really write more Fray comics, while still writing Buffy and Angel comics. Than he should get round to making a Fray movie.
Fray would make a great movie.
Loves me some Fray. To me, it might be Joss's most underappreciated work to date.
He should also start up a new TV series so we have another bunch of characters to fall in love with.

And write a musical for the stage.

And send a note to this girl I like telling her how great I am.

And... got a bit off-topic, there.

Yes, Fray rocks.
Fray is indeed great. My comic shop actually still has copies of most of the first edition print run laying around, I believe.
More Fray comics at this stage + Buffy S8 = Extreme Poverty!

My ex got me the hardback, signed copy for my birthday. Now he's long gone, but 'Fray' still remains.

Doesn't THAT say it all?!
I read a copy of "Fray" from the local libary a couple of years ago but finally bought the actual thing when I went out and got Buffy #2. I loves me some Melaka and I wish Joss would do another mini-series(or dare I hope, monthly).
I love Fray, especially how alone she is. Buffy has always fell short of being a legendary warrior imo. She has the support from the scoobies and such. While Fray(like Spike) is truly a lone warrior, and that's alot more impressive to me.

It would be cool if Spike or Angel had been in hiding or in another dimension all this time, and after Fray's first mentor's death, he steps up to train this unique slayer.
I'm pretty sure we'll get future Fray comics from Joss someday.
Loved the trade pbs of both Fray and Tales of the Vampires-they are available on Amazon, and doubtless elsewhere. And they got me sort of adjusted to reading comics, and ready to really enjoy Season 8.

I hadn't read any comics, and only a few graphic novels since kidhood. I had to learn to slow down, so as not to miss stuff-I started off reading them like the panels were highway signs, or something-had to back up and look at the pictures properly.

I'd say, in additional to more comics, a Fray movie would be a great way to go, what with the flying cars and all.

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Bit of a non-story. Fray complete sets going for $30? Okay, but bear in mind they originally cost about $24 brand new, and it's not that big a deal (at least not next to the Captain America #25 copies that Wizard is selling for $30 a pop).
I'm waiting for the TPB to be published in spanish (here in Spain), but I can't wait anymore, and I'm going to get my copy from Amazon.

I'm loving Buffy S8, but at first I was reluctant to that idea, and preferred a continuation of Fray instead. For me, the battle leading to Fray's future took place in Chosen. But now we're seeing that didn't happen.
Bit of a non-story. Fray complete sets going for $30? Okay, but bear in mind they originally cost about $24 brand new, and it's not that big a deal (at least not next to the Captain America #25 copies that Wizard is selling for $30 a pop).

Actually it is a pretty big deal. Most comics these days are worth less than when they were originally published. This is especially true for anything after 1990. Just a couple years ago I was able to pick up almost the entire run of the previous Buffy series in dollar bins.

Captain America 25 is just the latest HOT BOOK that you will probably be able to get for $10, maybe less, in a year. It's already dropped from the $90 it was getting last month.
It is true that many old comics (including most of the Buffy comics written without Joss Whedon's involvement) do go down in value, however when I tried to find Jane Espenson's 'Jonathan' comic I found it was impossible to find around here, and it cost me around $10 for the issue from the UK (extra with shipping). But I'm sure it will be worth even more now that I got it autographed by Jane (of course I don't foresee ever selling it)!
Late to the party.. but I wanted to add that I loved how Joss ended S7 because one of my first few thoughts was.. this is where the Slayer power gets ravaged. Spreading it out among so many people has to suck the energy dry, and Buffy's has to be the last Slayer battle because all the Slayage is spent. I was guessing at the final battle (locking the demon dimensions off for good) pre S7 but I didn't know how her power could just shut off, even if the battle is one. Now I get to assume that every girl who would be a slayer is one now.. so no more girls will ever be a slayer. The power is unleashed into the atmo never to return. Until our friend Makela appears.

I also have a slight theory that the Slaying power (born of demons etc) IS in itself the cause of evil energy in the world.. or at least that one can't exist without the other. It doesn't quite fit with Angel evil theology but I've wondered if once that magic is spread out and in its death blaze if there would be an equal and opposite resistance from the darkness. Forcing a true apocalyspe because there must be balance. This final battle ends the power entirely on earth, both the good (tamed?) aspect and the unleashed evil aspect. Buffy still gets to win the fight, and the fight is much huger than it could ever be because it truly is evil's last hurrah. The world's reaction would be crazy.. seeing such an undeniable display of power (evil, magic, monsters) would shock the world to regression. Facing the evil without blinders, humanity would rise up and shut it out in some way, leading us to the future dystopia set in Fray. Humans made that mess. And somehow, eventually, the vamps creep back in and there is an equal and opposite reaction.. Makela responds in force.

I even have the Cap'n worked into the theology. Still working on Toy Story though.

Darn. When I saw the title of this link, I thought it might be news about a possible TV or movie adaptation of Fray, which would be awesome. It is pretty awesome that the comics are selling so well. Joss is surprisingly close to conquering the comics world, isn't he?
Captain America 25 is just the latest HOT BOOK that you will probably be able to get for $10, maybe less, in a year. It's already dropped from the $90 it was getting last month.

That was entirely blown up by people wanting the book, having no idea, and sellers charging whatever they wanted. The second printing hit almost immediately, and I think some retailers never even went above cover price.

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