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April 18 2007

(SPOILER) In praise of How I Met Your Mother. Mark Lotto at the New York Observer brands Alyson Hannigan's current project as The Best Show on Television You Arenít Watching, calling it the "funniest, most touching sitcom in years."

Makes me wonder if I should start watching.

karosurly, you definitely should. It's hysterical and you wind up with a bunch of catch phrases like legen-DARY and Swarley.
I like the show a lot. And the article was pretty spot on ..... except for this little bit. off-putting as Arrested Development...

Really? Was that why nobody watched it?


Anyway, back to the topic. HIMYM Good. :D
Damn, he compared HIMYM to Proust. That's... high-falutin'.
My roommates and I have this whiteboard that we keep on the door (because yes, we are total, total dorks) and we like to put favorite phrases up. A couple of weeks ago, that phrase was "You are Admiral Jerk of the Royal British Douchery," which was uttered on HIMYM. It was legen--wait for it---dary.
He must have finally just watched Little Miss Sunshine (per Proust.)

I've been watching HIMYM since the beginning. Mostly I love it. Drive is in a competing time slot - frustrating!
Oh I've loved this comedy show from the start!

Annnnnd...Drive in competing timeslot no longer a prob, as far as I'm concerned. Hate to admit it, but after Monday's episode, I'd decided that DRIVE wasn't thrilling me. Nathan does, but the show doesn't.
Oh yeah, HIMYM is great. Do watch. In fact, go to CBS's website and go to Innertube and watch whatever episode they have up right now to get a feel for it... though it's really great to start from the beginning, too, so I recommend buying the first season or checking it out on Netflix.
Ack. Marshall didn't have the Pogues stuck in his car's cassette player, it was the Proclaimers. Wrong part of the British isles!

But, other than that, good article. I love that show.
I'm not too fond of this show...

I like Alyson Hannigan though. :)
I'm not too fond of this show...

I like Alyson Hannigan though. :)

What he said.
Think Mr Lotto might be a friend of the writers?
It really is that good. I agree with the writer of this article that HIMYM deserves to be as well-known and oft-quoted as Friends used to be.

Think Mr Lotto might be a friend of the writers?

Why, because he wrote a positive piece on the show? He's someone who obviously loves and apreciates the show - as am I - and I'm not even close to a friend of the writers.

So, in closing, if you're not watching HIMYM (this included you, karosurly ;-)), you really should.
I'm gonna ditto how amazing this show it. I wasn't into it initially because I never really got into sitcoms, but this show is gold. It has so much heart and it is absolutely the funniest thing on tv. I suggest buying season 1 on dvd like I did and watching them through. You won't be disappointed.
Plus, it's really good for marathon watching! I, ah, may have done that a couple of times now. It goes like snack food and leaves you feeling warm and comfy and optimistic.
This is a great article! HIMYM is that fantastic. Check out Robin Sparkles on Youtube. Good times!
It took me a while but now this show is second only to The Office. It's a funny time slot for me, because I loathe Two and a Half Men, but I go out of my way for it.

It gets better and better. The slap bet was hysterical. Still is.

And Barney playing straight isn't even an issue for me. He nails that character, which is absolutely like no other character ever.

The only character I was kind of resistant to was Robin, thought she was a bit bland, but Robin Sparkles cured that.
I'm not too fond of this show...

I like Alyson Hannigan though. :)

Also, what he said.

I've seen a few episodes and I'm not really taken with it, although I have to admit that I'm not much of a sitcom fan anyway. In recent years there has been exactly one sitcom that has made me laugh out loud and that would be Scrubs. Usually my taste in humour is more Peter Kay or Ricky Gervais standup style or shows like Buffy where the humour is less obviously "jokey", if you see what I mean? Sitcoms just don't push my humour buttons.

From what I've seen of HIMYM, it's reasonably funny but with an excellent amount of Alyson Hannigan, which is exactly what I said about American Pie 3. ;)
I HATE sitcoms but love this show. As many stated already, I also started watching HIMYM for Alyson but have grown to love all the characters. It doesn't try to be something it's not.

It's light and funny. And totally an I am of the opinion that you don't really "get it" until you've seen a few episodes and know the characters motivations. But they really are worth getting to know.
When the show first started, I was kinda meh about it, but gave it another chance, which led to another episode, and by about three episodes in, I was completely hooked. I think it might have taken a couple of episodes to really hit its stride, but when it did. . .well, the show just seems to get better and better with each episode. Barney aka Swarly is hysterical, but I love all of the characters. I don't even care who the mother turns out to be. I just want to see Marshall get in three more slaps :-D The second slap almost made me wet myself.

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