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April 19 2007

Inkworks reveals details for Buffy's 10th Anniversary Trading Card Set. This 90-card plus special card set will be released in July 2007.

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Joss' notes and season 8 cards? Woot! And though I vowed I'd never say this word. Squee. There I've said it.

I think I may actually get this card set.

Are they like little furry teddy bears who publish newspapers?

(please don't correct the headline or I'll look a fool and many people will be deprived of a much needed smile)(thank you)
I just corrected it just for the sake of correcting it. (Okay, maybe, just maybe, I wanted to make ZodKneelsFirst look like a fool, kidding)

But being chinese myself, I actually thought of woks with ink... hahaha... which is also kind of poetic, if you consider how Asian classic caligraphy is done.

Anyway, it was just a weird typo, as I wrote it write in the tags, but miss-typed a "r" in the post.

Also considering getting this set, as I don't own any complete card set from Buffy, those are some really good excuses to get one.
Oh,I will so be getting this.I have every Buffy and Angel trading card set that has been done including the imported,"Story So Far" sets.
jessa have money. jessa get cards. jessa happy.

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