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April 19 2007

The Sunnydale Class of 1999: Where Are They Now? Now that Season 8 is here, we know where some of the Scoobies ended up - but what about their classmates?

(Make sure to click the image at the bottom of the entry)

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Harmony would so have tried to organise the reunion!

Good alternative choice though.
Hi-larious. The best part is definitely who's logged in.
You know the reunion will really get interesting once Buffy shows up...three minutes after some vampires try to crash the place.
Probably best to put a permanent link to the story, ladygrey:

I love the comment from Marcy Ross: "I signed up and everything but it still lists me as absent. This sucks!"

And in the sidebar:
"Remember when every girl at the Bronze seemed to do the same dance!"

Hmmm, I wonder how many of the Class of '99 are even still alive to attend!
Heh, to the Marcy comment. :D

Joss should do a class reunion thing in the comics.
I found it very amusing being signed in as 'Tucker's Brother'.
(I could just see Andrew blabbering away and boasting about his 'special mission'!)

Mind you, it's a bit too soon for the class of '99 to be organising a 10th Reuinion.

Shouldn't that be in...errr... 2009???!
Shouldn't that be in...errr... 2009???!

Yeah, but it's Ten Years of Buffy, so I'm cutting the blogger a little slack.

However, Joss must write a Ten Year reunion into the comics when they get to them. I mean, 20+ comics will take us through to 2009!
Yeah, that'd be sweet if they did a 10th high school anniversary episode! I mean, umm... issue. But we all know they're that good.

That's really a fun read, I like it! The blogger wasn't quite accurate about a few characters, though... (umm... Cordelia?)
That may be too good to pass up, and would make an interesting arc. I think a group called "Queer Soup" out of Boston produced a farce on what a Sunnydale HS 10-year reunion would be like. Here's a link to that. It was produced in December 2002.
Hmm... 10 year reunion. What a nice idea. We should do something like that with the PBP. ;-)
"However, Joss must write a Ten Year reunion into the comics when they get to them. I mean, 20+ comics will take us through to 2009!"

But what is the timeline going to be on season 8? Real years have gone by since the end of S7, but only months have gone by in the comics. I wonder if Joss is going to catch the comics up to real time...such as it was, since current events other than the year were never mentioned. It would be an interesting high school reunion,though very small compared to the actual graduating class.
I like Harmony's "We'll do dinner" suggestion.
crossoverman, thanks for the suggestion - i will change it to be a permanent link

nathanieletc - i think the cordy thing was kind of an inside joke - like the rumors of pregnant-with-Jasmine cordy made it back to Sunnydale. :-)
Great read :)

It would be interesting to see a ten year reunion in the comics.
Very clever. I love Harmony's entry about the night life and Andrew's groups on the top left. It does seem like there'd be a lot of people absent, what with the town having been destroyed and all.

This is cute enough to almost make me want to go to my own '99 reunion. Almost.
Ooops, missed the stuff about Andrew, who was younger and therefore it wouldn't apply, now would it?

And maybe California is different (I'm recalling a _Full HOuse_ episode guest starring Erika Eleniak) but don't most highs chools do their reunions on a 5-year rotation and not 10. So the S-8 comics have already skipped over that, which I really wanted to see. Oh well, jetwolf 's fic version, even tho it didn't recognize Angel S-5 as canon, was pretty good. Altho the organizers would have ahd no way of knowing Jontahan and Anya belonged on the MEmorial Wal, deaths not reported don't you know?)

Which birngs up the Cordleia point; she supposeldy died in a hospital so it would be a amtter or public record. Of course, I still say TPTB faked her death so she could go off on a secret mission for them and not worry about Angel trying to "help." (My justification being that unlike various other deaths of regular characters, Cordelia 's was totally irrelevant to the storyline.)

And the town was evacuated before it was destroyed and most of the alums would have moved away anyhow, cites of -40K
not exactly being growth magnets for young folks starting out, so the later death rates shouldn't have been anything unusual. Lots of small town schools hold their reunions in hotels at the county seat or such like.
Love the mock site!
Great little site. Too bad you can't click around on it.

All ten-year reunions have far fewer attendees than were in the graduating class. I think we had about 25% show up to mine.

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