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April 20 2007

'Firefly: The Official Companion Vol. Two' availability update. Titan Books dropped a line to say that the second volume "has now started shipping from our US distributors, and will be hitting our UK warehouse next week, so Amazon orders should be with people shortly, and the book will be in bookstores in the next couple of weeks".

And since people were wondering up about the likes of TFAW selling out of the book already, "some quick-off-the-mark comics stores, who use Diamond Distribution, have had it for a while now.)".

This has been a Browncoat public service announcement.

Oh and if anyone has already got a copy, post what you thought of it in the comments section.

Forgive what may be a stupid question, but I went on Amazon and couldn't get a clear sense of this. Is this an update to the existing book with some new material added (which means "volume 2" kind of equals "version 2") Or is it more like a separate book (so that "volume 2" equals "second in a series?")
It's a separate book entirely.
I pre-ordered with Amazon some time ago. So thanks for the update. I'm really looking forward to receiving mine.
skreehowl, Volume One stopped at "Safe" so this contains the rest of the series.
This was a pleasant surprise to be out so early. Here's hoping amazon ships mine that's been waiting in the wings soon.
Yes please!! on the comments if you have one. There is supposed to be a piece about the fans and B3 included. I won't have mine for a while so hearing about it will have to do for now.
The second volume is 32 pages longer than the first one. And I think it has an interview with Tim Minear as well.
The second volume also is supposed to have some sort of thing about the fandom, although I don't know how much. Allegedly the Backup Bash is supposed to get a mention.
I did get an email reminder last month (it was march 26th) from the store where I pre-ordered it, telling me that Titan informed them that it would start shipping in April 30th.

Can't wait for it, although, I didn't get the chance of finishi9ng to read the first volume.
I pre-ordered from Amazon a long time ago as well. Looking forward to getting a copy earlier than expected!
whoo whoo cant wait

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