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April 21 2007

Trailer for Alan Tudyk's new movie 'Death at a Funeral'. It looks really good. This should be out in the States on June 29th.

Seems to be very much in the mould of Working Title Film's comedies (which is a good thing).

Cheers to romanceguru for the head's up.

That looks great, thanks for the heads up. :)
Yep, looks as funny as the premise sounded. And what a fantastic cast (didn't realise Daisy Donovan and Kris Marshall were in it, bonus).

My only tiny complaint would be the whole (hilarious) realisation about his Dad's "preferences" is a bit spoilery for the trailer, hopefully it's pretty early in the film and not a major plot point.
Thank you for this. Alan excels at comedy, and the entire cast is stellar. I can't wait to see this.
I didn't even know that Daisy Donovan had started acting. When did that happen?

Looks like this will be well worth a watch. Always good to see Alan in something new.
this looks quite funny. can't wait to see it.
Alan Tudyk and Peter Dinklage, yea!
This looks to be very funny. I don't know that I recognize any of the actors except for Rupert Graves and Alan but it is good to know that others are looking forward to the other actors as well.
It was pointed out to me at another site that the man with the receding hairline is none other than Matthew Macfadyen, who was so sexy as Darcy in the most recent adaptation of Pride & Prejudice. I didn't even recognize him.

That said, it looks like loads of fun. Would probably be an excellent double bill with Four Weddings and a Funeral.
It does look good, and how could I not see a movie with a nekkid Alan. : )
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This trailer preceded the movie Hot Fuzz (High-larious!) in my local theater last night, to positive reception.

Interestingly, Alan Tudyk appeared in not just this one trailer, but also in Knocked Up, which (for a chick flick) also looks quite watchable - all the freaks and geeks alumni also in the cast helps bring me to see what otherwise would be way outside my demographic.

Added: The trailer for Knocked up is here.

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