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April 21 2007

(SPOILER) TV Guide podcast crew talk about Drive and what the future might bring for it.

They get up to it around 11.53 in the Episode 96. Direct link to mp3 here . Note: The full episode contains some spoilers for other shows.

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Just a thought but a spoiler tag might be an idea if anyone plans on listening to the rest of the podcast and isn't entirely up to date on some of the other shows discussed.

What is said about Drive is pretty much accurate but after now having watched all three of the episodes aired so far I am really hoping that there is going to be a ratings boost in the next week or two. The third episode was just excellent television and I'm very interested in the secrets slowly being revealed about both the race and Alex. It deserves a full first season to give it a chance to prove itself. Not to mention, loving the soundtrack. Driving tunes at their best.
Yeah, I agree Broken Soul. I think the first epi was more introductory than we are used to. There are so many characters in Drive...just to introduce them and give a brief background is very time consuming. They made a good effort in the first two hours. But the third hour is what shines, IMO. I think the next few episodes will get better as the characters develop more. If they get they know how our FOX gets cancel happy.
Is there still going to be a big gap? I am afraid that it will really hurt the show.
I got four people (none are Browncoats) to watch the first 2 episode premiere this week. They all really enjoyed the show and plan to watch. Two of them watched episode 3 online right after watching premiere. Another person set his TiVo Season pass for it. I think this show will find an audience (if Fox gives it the chance). The online episodes will help that alot since its an easy way for folks to catch up.
Seems like a problem may be that people (including one guy on the podcast) actually wait to see if a show has good ratings, before they decide to watch it. Maybe they are afraid of geting attached to something that will end prematurely-but, of course, this contributes to the likelihood that it will end prematurely. It is a weird phenomenom.

It kind of reminds me of an article I read about undecided voters- just before the last US presidential election. I was wondering how anyone could be undecided at that point. I got my answer when a woman from my very own city said that she hadn't yet figured out which candidate had more charisma(!)- as if that were a legitimate basis for a conscious decision. Some people actually want to make sure something or someone is popular, before they decide to like it. Maybe a desire to be on the winning team? Who knows. Weird.
I'm going to be totally honest about Drive.. if I didn't know Tim Minear and Nathan Fillion were involved I would never have watched the first episode.

If I remember correctly, when the initial plot-details appeared here on Whedonesque, a number of people, people who KNOW how great a writer and executive producer Tim Minear is, expressed skepticism in the premise.

In addition, the fact that the show is being launched, not even at mid-season.. but in APRIL.. doesn't exactly inspire huge-confidence in casual-viewers who know it as that "race show".

I hope the ratings pick up.. I really do.. it's a great series.

Hopefully, at the very least, they will air the 13. Or please, give us the DVD.

On an unrelated note, FOX, where is the DVD of The Inside.

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