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April 21 2007

Exercise the Firefly way. A newspaper columnist picks the Firefly DVD as one of those shows that you can workout to.

And if anyone does have any exercises that they think would be suitable, do feel free to mention them. The Naked Mal buttock toning exercise, that sort of thing.

Well I'm disappointed. I thought it was going to tell me what kind of exercise I should be doing to each episode. Dancercise to Shindig, for instance.So I look forward to suggestions.
This is exactly why I need a video iPod. Everyone at the gym is always watching COOKING SHOWS. Seriously? I end up watching cartoons and get looks from everyone when I take over a tv.

Sigh. To be able to watch Firefly or things I choose... I'd surely be an expert like you folks.

btw, I suggest Dr Simon Tam's Super Sit-Ups to that last episode, otherwise he's gonna totally show everyone up.
Well, I wish I had Adam Baldwin's bulk, but that will never happen. Instead, I'm cursed with being 40 pounds lighter and too energetic. Wait a sec....
And for you track and field athletes, work on your hurdling while watching Heart of Gold.

(Think about it for a bit.)
I've tried exercising to various shows on tv and have found that it's not terribly effective for most of them. Shows that I have to pay attention to, like Battlestar specifically, I've found don't work well. I end up not paying enough attention to the show and missing important points and, overall, not enjoying the episode nearly as much as if I'm not working out. Shows that have a lot of exposition, House comes to mind, also don't work terribly well. Just doesn't seem like these motivate me enough to get me moving to the point where I get a good workout. Most of the documentary shows on Discovery and the History Channel are similiar.

But, there are a few exceptions. Mythbusters works well for me. And reruns of shows that I enjoy also provide a reasonable amount of motivation and distraction from the fact that I'm working really hard and not actually going anywhere while still allowing me to keep up with what's going on. I haven't tried Firefly, but I know Bones works well as does Mash and some episodes of The X-Files (not so much with Star Trek: The Next Generation though).

Personally, my favorite workout entertainment is podcasts for my ears and a couple of news channels that do the headline crawl at the bottom of the screen. Or, for the couple of weeks when the Tour de France is on, I really enjoy watching that. I spend much of my cardio time on a stationary bike, so I can pretend I'm riding along with the peleton. The mountain stage time trials, where the coverage focuses on one rider for much of each segment, are my favorite.
I do 30 minutes of elliptical with just about every show that I have on DVD. It makes those 30 minutes go by much faster than if I was just listening to music.
I do 30 minutes of elliptical with just about every show that I have on DVD. It makes those 30 minutes go by much faster than if I was just listening to music.
Especially since a 30 minute show on DVD is really only like 22-25 minutes!
Quote: You don't want anything too addictive. What you want are seasons of shows that are either just good enough to keep you interested, or have a limited number of episodes, so you won't be tempted to consume them so quickly.

Well, Firefly does have a limited number of Episodes, but as far as being addictive goes...
Lerner & Lowe? I must be more messed up from the cold I had than I thought, because I don't get the reference stuck in right after Joss' name.
Whoo-hoo...another place to donate Firefly DVDs. Just saw Firefly at Target STILL for $19.99. Price reduction...not just a sale!
Firefly was my first exercise DVD, since it was my first DVD, period. I just cardio-ed through the last two eps of Buffy season four (brilliant and brilliant-er). If all you're doing is moving your legs, your brain's free to think. Mine, for example, thought that Amy's boyfriend is probably Adam, who just needed a replacement for his uranium "heart" to be both reanimated and gross, and that The Initiative was a really cool idea, a variation on which could form an excellent basis for a whole nother season, possibly numbered "eight."
I am still stuck on that Simon Tam super sit ups.... man that guy has abs.... like ABS! What? I am not drooling... I mean there is some water droplets on the desk but thats humidity etc, right? And I will never get those abs.. i mean i am doing the situps etc.. but I refuse to resist the occasional croissant...
Since I can't walk and chew gum at the same time without tripping over my own feet, it's a good thing that my workout of choice is Yoga, which requires total concentration and focus on what your body is doing. Because I'd just get all wrapped up in Firefly all over again and forget about the workout. :)
I don't work out, which spares a lot of time to watch BtVS, AtS and Firefly with beer and cigarettes.
What else to want?
I guess I'm just not good enough at multitasking for this sort of thing. I can't even read magazines on the elliptical. Rules like "run faster for one minute after Mal shoots someone" could really mix things up, if I didn't get so damn distracted by the action on screen and forget to do that.
I think I could workout to 'Once More With Feeling' but for any other Buffy/Angel/Firefly episodes I'd sit on the couch and watch them.
Madhatter said:
"I wish I had Adam Baldwin's bulk, but that will never happen."

I hear that. Sean Maher's sleek and defined look is awesome too, but I'd give a lot to be able to put on enough of the good kind of weight to be Adam's size. They say, on average, a guy's metabolism slows down after he hits 25. Just turned that last month, so we'll see. 'Cause right now, mine's further into overdrive than it was when I was a teen.

Might be a fun idea to get some sort of WhedonEsque workout goal challenge thing going, I guess at ? Not competing with eachother so much, but with yourself and then posting monthly results (and pics, for those not shy). With spring here and summer just around the corner (in the Northern Hemisphere anyway, never forget about our Aussie members, plus others), might be something that'd catch on. Any takers ?

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This is exactly why I need a video iPod. Everyone at the gym is always watching COOKING SHOWS.

I do have a video iPod, and I have Firefy, Buffy, Heroes, and The Office on it. I haven't had a chance to work out at the gym since I got it, because I was extremely ill for over 3 months and then broke my wrist at the beginning of the year - which still has me partially sidelined. I may start back at the gym when the weather gets too hot to be outside, and then will exercise with Firefly, etc.

I used to walk/run for an hour most mornings on a treadmill at the gym and watch "Angel" on the TV there. That ended when "Angel" switched to airing only at 7 a.m. That's just too damned early for me!

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Word on the Internet is that Target stores is having a sale on Firefly this week for $17.99 Sale from 04/22 - 04/28 down from the normal price of $19.99. Somebody at Target likes Firelfy.
Yes, we apparently have friends at Target :)

I've already passed the word to several employees at the Target located here about the Special Edition of Serenity. They were almost as excited as I am!
It seems that apparently half of the people who work there already own the Box Set. They were thrilled :D
When I workout.. I like to watch something that either bring the action or the funny. Firefly brings that.. but I really can't see myself exercising to Rome, or pretty much any major HBO series.

Usually when I exercise I just watch two episodes of the Simpsons, although Buffy and.. oddly enough.. Grey's Anatomy have worked their way into my DVD player.
Like the guy said.

Lerner & Loewe?
What Gives?

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