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April 21 2007

Marsters' Little Dog *Not* Laughing now. Due to a last minute financial issues the play that James Marsters was set to star in this summer in San Francisco has been canceled.

However, some good news not related to the play but related to Mr. Marsters is that Creation has put up the Sunday Photo Ops from the Grand Slam for people to claim. Also there are some you tube videos of Mr Marsters singing a few of his songs, during an interview.

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Damn, poor guy. I was looking forward to seeing him on the stage! Well, I'm sure he'll find another project soon. Probably none with the nude, but we'll manage... :~P

He always seems to land on his feet, so I'm sure we shouldn't worry too much for him.
Oh, crap seems like an appropriate comment right now (I was planning finances to buy a ticket). Which was the sort of similar thing I said yesterday, except it started with an f and ended with a k, when I read that Frank Darabont was dropped from Indiana Jones 4 after spending more than a year on the script. A weekend of disappointment.
Boy, it seems to me JM and Alex D, my favorite verse actors, just cannot get a break. I was so happy that JM seemed to finally get a role in which he could shine. Oh well.
Rats. I would have made the 13-hour road trip for this.
I'm well nigh heartbroken. 8 [
I was hoping to squeeze this in during my All-Star Game Weekend. Pooh! Well, I'm hoping this will happen soon.
This is such disappointing news. Poor James, he seemed so excited about this play. Here's hoping for a wonderful new role for him very soon.
Very disappointed also, even though I hadn't a hope in hell of going myself.

Oh well, hopefully James will bounce back quickly.
Well that just sucks. Although there was no possibility of me attending, it's so discouraging to see one talented 'verse alumni after another not getting the recognition they so richly deserve. Here's hoping that something even better comes along for James, and soon.
Stupid backers. This is a total pain.
Poor James. I was considering how it would be possible for poor me to find a way to see him on stage, so I guess that's one less thing to anguish over. I feel worse for him, however, since he was returning to his first love and especially since the backers pulled out at the last minute.
Shame there was no way for his fans to become angels for his production.
I am massively disappointed by this news! And that's the polite version.
Terribly disappointing news, I was so looking forward to this as were many.
Also RavenU I just wanted to let you know that your attempted link to the Creation Photo Ops goes to the YouTube site instead of Creation.
But thanks for the links anyway.
Love those videos of James singing. Sigh.
Damn it all...I was really happy for him as he seemed to be so glad to do this. Ahhh well...hears hoping something even better is just around the corner for him.
Thanks Xane. I have corrected it now. So it should go to the creation site now.
Dang it!!! Besides my wedding anniversary, this one the number one thing this summer I was most excited about. Now I have to fill that will eating chips and watching baseball.
Simon .... nobody gets your humor :)

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