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April 22 2007

Vote for Gina Torres as a Bond Girl in yet another pointless poll. Entertainment Weekly's website has a poll that includes Gina Torres in its list of choices for the next Bond movie.

She's only got 4% of the vote so far (Monica Bellucci is leading), but she and Sarah Silverman are the only choices listed who sound even remotely interesting to me. Is it me or does Gina not appear on these polls very often? Oh, well, more pointless poll nonsense, but hey, at least it's not for WW.

Oh punkinpuss you crack me up: I read the first four words and I'm thinking "oh I'll vote for Gina for anything!", and then I read the next four words and I think "you know, she is better than that...", and finally I read the last four words and decide to not even open the link (but I do laugh out loud).
Sarah Silverman as a Bond Girl? That would certainly be...different.

And hot.
and then I read the next four words and I think "you know, she is better than that..."

Better than that? Better than Eva Green and Halle Berry and Rosamund Pike and Sophie Marceau and Michelle Yeoh and Teri Hatcher and Famke Jansen and Minnie Driver and Jane Seymour and Diana Rigg and, well, the list goes on...

Look, I know that most of the time that a Bond Girl role isn't terribly challenging for an actress but "better than that" is a bit insulting, given the much higher profiles of the actresses I listed, both before and after their Bond Girl appearances.

Also, a direct link to the poll for all of those who don't want to click through 15 pages just to see pics of actresses we've all heard of before!

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Sorry, Gina. I'm in love with Monica Bellucci.
Sorry, but I agree that Gina is "better than that". As are all the other talented actors of the female persuasion listed by crossoverman.
Buffy ... or Zoe ... could *so* kick James Bond's ass. Just sayin' .... :)
Unless Gina is hard up for cash (which I have to assume most of the "notable" Bond Girls were), I'd rather never see her waste her time like that. But then, I'm not a Bond fan in general, so maybe I'd just be bitter that I'd have to shell out $10+ to see the Bond Girl if Gina did it. (;
I am not sure it has always been about the money, WillowSlay. I think that in certain cases, being a Bond Girl has given the actress access to new markets via wider exposure than previously possessed...even if the acting work in the Bond films isn't completely challenging;D

I mean...before Casino Royale, Eva Green's biggest role was probably as Sibylla in Kingdom of Heaven. And how many people either watched that or Bertolucci's The Dreamers? Or how many people outside of the Hong Kong action flick fandom community had heard of Michelle Yeoh before Tomorrow Never Dies?

Much as it might pain fans, being a Bond Girl would certainly allow Gina to get a lot more public-eye exposure, since I Think I Love My Wife generally was stillborn at the box office and most people have been less than complimentary about The Matrix: Revolutions. And I doubt anyone would praise Cleopatra 2525 as award-worthy TV. Though her role on Alias as Anna Espinoza would certainly prove she can spy genre material;)
Michelle Yeoh nearly got her own spin-off (as did Halle Berry) so if Gina were to get a shot, it'd be neat to even consider the possibility of her headlining a film herself. That said, I ended up voting for Gong Li since if she's going to do American stuff, it may as well be high-profile.

What kind of an assortment of actresses is that anyway? It's like a random collection of any actresses under 45. (That is, aside from Gong Li. And maybe Monica Belluci? Of all the random ones though, seeing Sarah Silverman as a Bond girl would be interesting.)
Wow, what's with all the Bond hate? Okay, I'm slightly biased - being a big James Bond fan, but Casino Royale was easily one of the best films of last year. No matter what you think of the rest of the series, the reboot worked wonders for the character and the franchise.

Unlikely that any of the actresses I listed were hard up for cash - most of them probably took the role for the profile! Which, to be honest, would be good for Gina.

And given the complexity of Casino Royale and Eva Green's character in that film, it's ridiculous to completely write-off acting in these films as not worth an actor's time.
MMMM Monica Bellucci

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