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April 23 2007

Just which is the rockingest fan community? Sci Fi Wire asks the question and gives us the Buffyverse fans and Firefly fans as options. Both groups would probably wonder who in this day and age uses the term "rockingest".

I'm going to say both groups are great. And leave it as that.

Good grief, "Bronzers" (BtS/AtS) up against Browncoats? It's all the Jossverse, silly silly SciFi guys. Why should we have to divide our loyalties? I had to go for Bronzers since Browncoats are ahead by a mile & Trekkies are ahead of Bronzers. Bah humbug.(To the Trekkies, not the Browncoats). Ok, gonna offend *someone* one way or another but I'm all with the keep it in the family. Good thing this is totally meaningless. :) Except, Damn .... it *is* the bloody SciFi channel.
Add the "Bronzers" and the Browncoas together, though, and you've got a force to reckon with!
In the archive there's also a star trek XI poll that Joss has won. I voted for Bronzers, because they're behind, though I hate the name and am a Browncoat too.
The Browncoats should be ahead by a mile! I will always love Buffy, but I am happy to call myself a Browncoat.
I didn't think Btvs and Ats fans actually had a name. I posted briefly at the Bronze and didn't much like it, so I certainly wouldn't want to be called it. Not a "Buffy fan" either as I loved the show, but by the end very much disliked the character. Could there be a "Spike, Angel, Ats, Xander, Giles (Pre-S7), Gunn, Fred, Wesley and Lorne Fan" be a name. Maybe not.

Also, maybe they should seperate Btvs fans and Ats fans. Many fans of Ats never watched Btvs and vice versa.

Rockingest? Well JM uses "Rock on!" quite a bit. He's such a cutie. :0)
We're all Whedonesquers!
It's kind of complicated, isn't it? Should we have separate names for Firefly, Buffy and Angel fans?

Me? If you like a JW show, you can be called a Browncoat. Even if you're just a Buffy fan and not a Firefly fan. I don't's just that most Firefly fans are also JW fans in general (at least that's the impression I have got) and why not? Bronwcoats are what comes to mind when someone talks of JW fandom. It's just me, I won't bother to use different names.

Bronzers - that name just sucks, imo, sorry.

Or should there be separate terms but also a term for being a Joss Whedon fan in general?
How about Josscoat? Jossers? Jozzers? Whedonites...

edit: Check this funny link out:

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Ooh, I like "Whedonites"!

I always think "Bronzers" refers to, well, the PBP folks. If I had been lucky enough to be one, I might be sort of insulted that everyone else was being lumped into my elite crew. Or maybe I would be cool enough not to be territorial like that. We'll have to ask one of them. (;
Fadalow that is a great link, very informative, but I deeply resent their referring to Joss Whedon as a demigod.
I always think "Bronzers" refers to, well, the PBP folks.

not necessarily PBP folks, WillowSlay, but i definitely only associate the term "Bronzers" to represent people who posted at the official board or its off-shoots like the Bronze Beta. i have a lot of Buffy friends. some of them posted on the Bronze, Beta or random other off-shoots that happened after the WB pulled the plug and some of them not. those that didn't don't ever call themselves "Bronzers".

i don't really think there is a universal term for people who love(d) the show. wonder why that is... (sidenote: the same goes for one of the other options in that poll. the 'lagers refers specifically to those people who post at the Fuselage board.)
There's no demi about His Jossness, embers.

another, ultra-orthodox branch of Whedonism, whose adherents believe that there is no truth beyond the pages of Whedon's screenplays for Speed, Toy Story, and Alien: Resurrection. - No, that's just plain silly. The Truly Orthodox worship only Buffy Seasons 1-3. (I am a heretic.)

Following from that link I found this page which is about disputed factual accuracy. The comments are wonderful!

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Oh, good. I wasn't the only one confused by the term "Bronzers".
Nice article, but it does annoy that they refer to Joss simply a demigod. I think he's kind of like Glory, a god that is trapped in a human body, only not so crazy, but still very fond of killing people.

It also doesn't mention various other factions of Whedonism: Canonits are the faithful who see a great truth in the pages of the new season 8 comics;
Astonishingers who see Kitty Pride as the source of all Buffy;
Sing-alongers are crazy faction who like to show their faith in a ceremony conducted in a great theatre with lots of other people while singing;
and of course the Goners who believe in the ancient prophecy that a movie named Goners will arrive and rock their world.
The Truly Orthodox worship only Buffy Seasons 1-3.

Ha! Don't forget season five and season season seven. Season four and season six simply did not happen. Ask anyone. ;)

And to put the matter to rest once and for all. It's a well known fact that Buffy fans are far better looking, hipper, and have much better breath than all other types of fans.
(Sorry for continuing offtopic) I'm so bookmarking Teeveepedia, can't believe I only discovered this today.

Those false dictionary things, etc are quite funny sometimes, althgough they do wear off quite quickly.

"Angel was a television series on The WB, created by Joss Whedon, about a centuries-old vampire with a soul, an immense forehead, and truly excellent hair. The title character, former age-inappropriate boyfriend of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, was frequently unhappy, probably because a curse prevented him from having sex. Honestly, wouldn't you be pretty upset about a thing like that?"

Btw, us Buffy\Angel\Firefly fans ARE prettier than others. Also, given that we're so pretty, we can't die. Yeah, I stole that from somewhere. Wonder where?
Hmmm, well I'm not a Browncoat as I'm not a fan of the show and haven't seen the movie. And while I post here it's not my home board so I'm not a Whedonesquer either.

I'll stick with "Spike, Angel, Ats, Xander, Giles (Pre-S7), Gunn, Fred, Wesley and Lorne Fan" Or SAAXGGFWLFer. Makes a good demon name too. :0)
EXCUSE ME???? State opinions as facts much, *kerfluffle*? Seasons six and four are my favorites, in that order. And I've been around enough boards for long enough to know that I'm in extremely good and large company, especially re. season 6.
And did you miss *Gill's* "(I am a heretic)" following his "the truly orthodox worship only Buffy season's 1-3"? Maybe only those of us who prefer the post-high school years of the show pick up on the subtleties. ;)
;) or no, that was offensive, *IMO*.
Those Teeveepedia links are funny!
Did ya'll see this one?
"Tim Minear is a television writer/producer who starred in Fox's hit trilogy "Let's Screw Tim Minear": Firefly, Wonderfalls, & The Inside."

I have never heard the term Bronzers before. I think of myself as a Buffyverse fan. I don't know that I've ever said it a out loud though. When my obsession comes up its usually in the context of "spikefrombuffythevampireslayer."

But no way can I be lumped in with the Browncoats. No offense intended. I'm just not.

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Bronzers were the people who made up the community at the old site back in the day when Joss had to tell people how his name was pronounced.

We're old school.

The Bronze went kablooey when the show moved to UPN, and some of the folks scattered to Livejournal and Buffistas and such.

Famous Bronzers include ~mere~, who later became a writer for Angel, and Kristen, who founded and ran for many years, and then got staffed as a writer on Drive. And then there were the PBPs, as well.

It makes me a bit weepy that we're fading into oblivion.

I'm not cool enough to be alright with everyone being dumped into the "Bronzer" category, simply because it was a community of specific people who revolved around a specific URL. You were either a member of that community, or you weren't.

There. Now I've peed on that tree and can go back to the porch with my shotgun and complain about all those damn kids who need to get offa my lawn.
We ALL. So. Rock. ;-)
LOL the one about Buffy is hilarious on Teeveepeedia...

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a television show on The WB (and later UPN), created by Joss Whedon and starring Sarah Michelle Gellar-bot and Anthony Stewart Head, which offered a gritty, hard-hitting look at the problems facing modern teenagers and twentysomethings: namely, vampires, demons, and extradimensional monsters. It was reportedly inspired by true-life events in the town of Sunnydale, California. It notably launched the acting career of James Marsters and his cheekbones.

Much beloved by its increasingly terrifying fans, Buffy provided audiences with five years of witty dialogue, unexpected plotting, and appealing characters throughout its seven-year run."

ETA: Oh and I just had to post the one about The West Wing--

The West Wing is a science-fiction television program on NBC, created by Aaron Sorkin. It posits a highly implausible alternate reality in which a wise, well-educated president, selflessly devoted to the public and apparently unbeholden to special interests, leads a passionate and effective Democratic administration. In the realm of bittersweet liberal wish-fulfillment, it ranks second only to The Daily Show.

It has been on the air for seven years now, or roughly five years too many. Hard-core fans simply haven't been able to watch since Bradley Whitford got his hair cut.

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