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April 23 2007

Want to ask Nathan Fillion a question? SFX magazine is looking for fan questions to ask Nathan for a feature in an upcoming issue.

Hmm I want to ask him about Two Guys and a Girl, but not sure what. I loved the programme and nobody seems to mention it...
"Which of the characters that you've played has been your favorite? Who is the most/least like you?"

But it seems likely he would have answered those already somewhere.
Hmm I want to ask him about Two Guys and a Girl, but not sure what.

Did you meet Tony Head when he appeared on the same episode as you?
"Hey Nathan, next time to see Morena, would you ask her to marry me?"

Of course the answer would probably be NO, but at least it would be short *g*
More importantly, this ("SFX anticipates meeting up with Nathan 'Mal Reynolds' Fillion in a few days' time") -- in theory -- gives us the first indication of Nathan finally heading to London. Which means -- in theory -- his super-secret thing there that he's never done before and will allegedly blow our minds might be right around the corner, finally.
B!x, aren't you going to ask the question???
"Considering all of the Joss Whedon alumni appearing on Drive, is there ever any deliberate effort at "inside jokes" or humorous references for the fans?"
"How did you decide to become an actor?" :-)

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