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April 23 2007

Buffy academic conference in Istanbul. "BUFFY HEREAFTER: From the Whedonverse to the Whedonesque".

Defining the Whedonesque

I'm due a holiday.
Wow! Yay jossverse!! Wouldn't I love to go to Istanbul for this. Talk about fantasy :)
I would love to give a paper at this conference. Heck, I would love to GO to this conference--because how cool is it that Whedon fans are in Turkey? Not to mention that Istanbul is a beautiful and historic city of ancient renown (having endured "the painful nowning process" in many of the time-honored ways).
Is 'quality television' synonymous with Whedonesque? What is Whedonesque?


Does anyone else think it's cool that the Buffyverse is still the exclusive focus of so many academic conferences?
I wondered when someone would get around to doing something like this. Can't let a reference so golden just lie there. Plus, I'm sure there are at least a few Buffy fans in Istanbul.

As an aside, what the frilly heck is it about academic Buffy conferences anyways? Can't we have a non-academic Buffy conference? I mean, Buffy wasn't much into academics, so why are academics so intent on studying her noodle?

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