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April 23 2007

Under Starter's Orders: Drive's Tim Minear. Tim talks Drive in an interview with Creative Screenwriting magazine.

My wife gets this sent to her e-mail, so I read this a week or so ago. It's a really interesting piece. I posted some bits about it over on DotOrg, but never provoked any discussion with it... more's the pity.
This show grows more addictive with each ep. Loved tonight's.
Oh man... (spoilers)

I really hope the ratings pick up, because... indeed... the show grows more addictive each episode. And both Tim and Nathan need a show that lasts for once. But... not crossing my fingers, this is Fox we're talking about. They won't air the second half of the season if they don't like the ratings for the first half.

Also... uh oh... an order of 13, but Tim says that it needs 22-24 episodes to end the race? Does this mean we won't see a finish line on DVD then?

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Kinda sorta related: Creative Screenwriting just sponsored a screening of "Waitress," with an interview with producer Michael Roiff and actress Cheryl Hines afterward. I cannot rave about this film enough! It was sweet, touching, HYSTERICALLY FUNNY, and our Mr. Fillion was dashing, neurotic, hilarious and totally romantic. Honestly, I think this lovely gem of a film might just jump-start his career (ha! automotive pun!) even faster than "Drive," it's that good. The post-screening Q&A was taped for podcast, which is available at the CE folks' website, FYI.

Run to see "Waitress" when it comes out! There will be special screenings across the country on Mothers' Day, and I think it opens in Los Angeles and New York on May 2, the rest of the country, um, after that.

Thanks for the link to the Tim interview, Pliny!
Interesting interview.

Im still giving Drive a chance. In some ways there are too many characters so they are all sort of thin. Fillion is the best actor on the show also.
I really like a lot of the characters...a few that don't connect with me I still can tolerate because they bring something to the show still. I'm a big fan of

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