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April 23 2007

The Importance of Being Buffy. SyFy Portal pays tribute to Buffy and Joss's work in general.

But then we all knew that or we wouldn't be here, would we?

Crying from the closing moments of "I RObot, YOu Jane" thru to the alley in "Not Fade Away." Yes, it touches something.
My kids and I have been doing the same thing - watching Buffy and Angel DVDs all month. We've finished the entire run of Buffy and Angel through Season 4. We just started Season 5, but "Drive" just came on, and "Heroes" returns tonight.
I always cringe when somebody says Buffy was cancelled.
Well, we know better than that!
Can I just say .... well,duuh! :):)
but Buffy herself became almost real to the faithful.

"Almost?" Wait, does that mean... no... what? I'm confused now. o_O
Oh, I love putting the series down for awhile and then catching them on syndication again. I need to finally break down and finish getting the rest of Buffy on DVD. I can't believe how long it's been. I actually have a box of VHS tapes of Buffy in a closet in my house somewhere. It's just so much fun. It's the best series...EVER.

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