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April 23 2007

Marti Noxon to Run "Grey's Anatomy" Spin-off. The announcement is in the third paragraph.

Beware of spoilers for other shows in this column.

Wow, that is awesome! Congrats to Marti! She definately deserves something like this... an all but guaranteed ratings hit. I'm very interested to see what she'll do with the show.

(BTW, the tag says 'mart noxon' might want to add an i in there somewhere)
Well, if this pans out as true, then well done Marti!
Fixed the tag. Thanks.

There's also discussion of "Drive" in the column.
What wonderful news for Marti! This one sounds like it might be more up my alley, so I will probably watch.
I'm one of those weird folk that don't actually watch Grey's Anatomy, so I'm sure I just don't know. But it seems like what criticism the show gets is over the over-the-top sexy "soapness" of all the McSteamy/McDreamy/McWhateverthehell... so am I just confused, or will Marti actually be able to go in a different direction?

I have an opinion (when don't I?), but I'll just let it go. Congratulations Marti! Hopefully this one will work out for you.
If this is true, I'm happy for Marti. I don't watch Grey's Anatomy. I'm a nurse. I don't watch health care related shows that are insulting to my profession. That would be practically all of them. (The TV movie, "14 Hours," offered a rare realistic depiction of nurses.)
I'm happy for Marti, but not sure about the spin-off. Grey's Anatomy is my "guilty pleasure", it's everything I would ordinarily *not* like in a TV show, and yet ....:) Not exactly great art, but the acting is as good as it gets, especially Chandra Wilson, my beloved Sandra Oh and .... damn, drawing a blank on the actress who plays Izzy. And it's hard to find a show on TV with better and more diverse female characters. The guys are the eye candy in this one and hey, about time.
That being said, Addison is my least favorite character on the show. But I'll give it a try, for Marti.
Shey: Izzy is played by Katherine Heigl (of "Roswell" 'fame').
Thanks Tristan, saved me a Google :)
oh, Meredith's fun! and Marti Noxon, now I know, somewhere up there, there's a TV-god. I almost gave up faith.
Ah! I thought it was a bit odd that she'd sign on as a staff writer on a show when she'd been running her own shows for years now. It all becomes clear. This is fantastic news.
I am sooo excited for her. I like Grey's and love the character of Addison. I can't wait to see what she does with the spin-off. Congratulations Marti.
Grey's is one of those shows that manages those beautifully flawed characters that we have grown to love from his Jossness. It's one of the only shows on TV at the moment that can regularly jerk a tear from my oh-so-manly eye with a moment of empathy between the characters or a self-sacrificing delaying of one character's needs while they comfort another. Much of the time, Meredith Grey (often selfish and petty) is the character you love least, which is how I felt about season seven Buffy - Still loved her, but boy did she make some choices I wouldn't have...

Anyhow, if they manage to preserve these characterisations that I enjoy so much, I'll watch this one too.
I gave up on Grey's after about three episodes--can't remember just why, but my guy now calls it "too soapy." Nevermind. I'm happy to see Marti succeed and wish her all the best with the new show. I'll check it out at least...
This is wonderful news for Marti! I really enjoy Grey's Anatomy though I do raise an eyebrow at a plot line occasionally. I feel that Kate Walsh (Addison) is one of the most talented actors on the show and a spin off based on her character may be even more successful. I think Marti's writing style would fit perfectly if they stick to the same lines of characterization.
Not really a Grey's fan...but yay for Marti!

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