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April 23 2007

Beck in the Dark. Last month WaldenMedia announced that Buffy scoremeister Christophe Beck will be creating the music for the fantasy film "The Dark is Rising".

The movie will be based on the classic series of books written by Susan Cooper in the 60's and 70's. Some hope may be held that it can avoid the "Eragon Curse" (high-fantasy/budget = low quality/box-office) since it is being produced by the same folks who are giving us the Narnia series. Production is already underway.

Read about its 10-year journey to the screen here.
Ruin the plot for yourself here.

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I've noticed that Beck tends to gravitate towards stories with strong female protagonists, not the least of which by far is Buffy, but also Elektra, Under the Tuscan Sun, Ice Princess, and others. I'm really looking forward to his work here.
Wow, this seems like a match made in heaven to me. Can't wait!
I'm having a hard time picturing Ian McShane as Merriman, but I'm hoping for the best. Great series of books.
Fence - me too! he is Lovejoy for me, and that is that. Although he is also Iorek Byrnison in the Northern Lights film, so who knows.

The Dark Is Rising sequence is one of my favourite book(s) ever - I'm really looking forward to seeing what they do with it and which books they do. I'm presuming they're not doing the first in the series (Dark is Rising is the second)? Also Christopher Eccleston is the Black Rider, which should be fantastic.
I didn't read these books until I was probably in my 20's and babysitting a friend's kids - they had the books. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire series. I recommend them all the time. I've been wondering when they'd get around to filming them.

One of the things I like about them, is that the five books in the series don't all have the same main characters - with the exception of Merriman. Also, they really are more grounded in our reality. Yes there are the fantasy elements, but not as much as the others, and Cooper's weaving of the legends of Britain is lovely.

Mehitabel - Dark is Rising is the second.
I havent read these in forever. They were some of my favorite books about a million years ago, ok, only like 20 or so..but still!
I really hope it turns out well.
*crosses fingers*
I loved the books when I read them as a kid, but have to say I have little hope the film will work. Like with Narnia, I fear that things will have to be jazzed up with pyrotechnics and effects to make the book filmic enough to appeal to kids & their families, and that's just not jibing with the quiet spirit of Cooper's books.

But then, I've noticed: good books rarely translate to good movies, while sometimes mediocre books make great movies. It's weird, the alchemy.
(Znachki: the question mark was meant for the main bit - I wonder if they'll do the first one too? I hope so.)

i hope thye do stay true to the spirit of the books, you're right about their quiet and almost peaceful air, dottikin.

I think this one could stand alone, but I would love to see the Grey King especially on screen.

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