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April 24 2007

Serenity LA event site is now live. Guests and ticket prices announced. Also Creation has just announced their own Firefly event for Oct 27-28, 2007 in Burbank.

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Looks like an interesting event. Hopefully Starfury will produce more cons in the near future.

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The direct link with all the info is:
Or just click the Serenity link at the top of the starfuryusa page.
I may have crossed wires here but Creation seem to be doing their own Serenity convention in the LA area on October 27th-38th (a week before Sean Harry's one). Isn't this crowding the field somewhat?

Creation link
Not only is Creation doing an event but in my experience, once Creation gets their hands on a Franchise they contract the actors and merchandise to only appear at Creation sanctioned events. My guess is that most, if not all of the actors listed to appear at the Starfury event will have to pull out for "professional reasons" before that event.
Looks like fun. Here's to hoping they're successful and then branch to the East Coast for a con or two...
That's a pretty awesome con, though I'm glad we get our celebrities in a trickle around here. I could never afford all that at once.
I know Adam the Creation owner was talking to Mark Sheppard at the Grand Slam weekend about appearing at a few events in Oct and Nov although I had no idea they had this on there radar. Although they are aware of the pull of the Browncoats.

But yeah talk about overkill.
I have only ever been to one Creation Ent. convention back in 2004. I had a very good time and it was run well. I also like the fact that it's at a hotel so no worries as to where to stay or how to get to places.
Any idea when the tickets go on sale? I can't seem to see that on the site.
Not to mention free hotel shuttle if you fly into Burbank for the Creation event.

Although the humor that is going on with 3 events in the course of 6 weeks after the debacle of last year, is almost side splitting.

The good thing about Creation is if the Serenity/Firefly event is a hit they tend to do more of them and shift coast. One year it will be west the next year it will be on the east coast, or if it is big enough they will do 2 in a year.

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Although the humor that is going on with 3 events in the course of 6 weeks after the debacle of last year, is almost side splitting.

Yeah, I was planning to do my "Simon sings Serenity - one man's musical interpretation of Joss Whedon's classic sci-fi film" event in LA at the end of November. Not so much now.

The question is, are there enough Browncoats to go around the three events? I would imagine very few could afford to do all of them.

Any idea when the tickets go on sale? I can't seem to see that on the site.

According to Sean Harry on the Starfury USA forum:

Tickets are not onsale yet. They should be within the next week or so. I'll be sure to give everybody advance warning of when ticket sales will commence.

OMG Simon - I would so go see that if you did it. :)

OMG - I just remembered that Creation has a history with Gina Torres, because of Xena events. I think one of the last events she appeared at in the US was Creation's Grand Slam in 2004. Maybe they can get her to this event. Will do happy dance if they do. Must push for Gina. :)

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Were you going to do it a capella or did you still need my help, Simon? ;) *tunes up the instruments*
Haha, when the Cruise & Starfury thing was first announced as colliding, I predicted on here that other convention companies would muscle in on the act. I didn't have any insider info, I just knew it would happen.

Creation is the Big Daddy McDonalds of convention companies. If they want in, they'll crush everybody around them to do if they want.

This is going to be... interesting.
Jeremy of Browncoat Cruise here. Yeah, interesting if you aren't one of the people putting on one of the events. Let's just say I'm a bit annoyed at this announcement. I think it's getting a bit ridiculous that the fan base is being forced to make so many hard choices. Why put on yet another FF event at virtually the same time and place? It-just-don't-make-no-sense. Nevertheless, I still think our event will be the most fun. :)
I think all 3 events are somewhat different and will appeal to people with different tastes. i.e., One is a cruise, one is a hotel con and one is at a nightclub. I know people who love cruises and love the idea of a con cruise and other people who just won't go on a cruise. Some people travelling a long distance prefer the convenience of a hotel con and not having to worry about how to get from point A to B. Some prefer to move about and be out of a hotel and want something different. Hopefully, it will all work out.
Yah. Well, the sense, in my humble opinion, is market cornering, which Creation are known for. Of course, that don't make no sense for fans. To me it looks like they're targeting the other LA con, not the cruise, in this case.
Yeah... well this jsut bites. Not that I was planning to go to the starfury con and wont go to the creation one(going to the cruise for sure...), but this is just unfair for the fandom... I mean it was a big enough deal with the starfury and the cruise, but at least there is some difference between the two in terms of time and location and type... but this is just bloody insane. I mean they couldnt haev scheduled the event at least 6 months after, or in another location like the east coast? Yeah yeah i know its about money... but this is just... well.. oy.
Of course the Starfury con is the target that Creation is targeting. The cruise starts in San Diego, and it's in December. I just wonder why Creation has decided all of a sudden to be the home of Firefly/Serenity cons. Could Nathan Fillion and Summer Glau be two good reasons? They would have been better off coming up with a 10th anniversary Buffy event.
Well, I'm with Jeremy on this one...Serenity in the high seas beats a nightclub any day (and I've been to Elements for the taping of a pilot for BET. Like most night clubs, it definitely looks better in the dark).
Jeremy, I totally agree with you. I rather spend the money on the cruise. (if I had the money for any of these events, anyway). Spending $400 on a 5 days cruise is better than on a standard convention. (If you call $400 and $250 a standard fee for a convention anyway).

As for Creation, they are booking the week before solely to take the wind out of Starfury's sails. This is what they did to fan-run conventions all over the country in the late 80s-early 90s.

Then again, IMHO, Starfury targeted the cruise in the same way so I do not feel all that bad about it.
My guess is that most, if not all of the actors listed to appear at the Starfury event will have to pull out for "professional reasons" before that event.

Even if Creation has a non-compete/exclusivity thing, can they actually make it retro-active to other events guests have already agreed to?

That becomes kind of an important question, because if they can, and Starfury LA's guests book for Creation, and Creation enforces such a thing, it will become a problem for all the people who buy tickets to Starfury's event.
I'd go to all three if I could but the cruise is something special. As long as the weather is good!
Actually, that clause in the Creation contracts is typically for events that take place prior to their event, not so much after their event.
I'd go to all three if I could but the cruise is something special. As long as the weather is good!

And we aren't attacked by sea pirates or reavers. WHAT?

And if there isn't a clause for exclusivity, it is still damaging, and could lead to two failed events(hopefully not the cruise as well...).

And The Hey I just realized in terms of cost... the cost of the convention in LA does not include meals and accomadation. So it seems that the cruise is more economical(for someone flying in like moi)... wow. I guess it was a good thing I kept the cruise ticket considering my student budget. And I had differnet goals too, more interested in hanging out then a standard convention anyways.

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People already booked for Starfury's event should not be effected by anything Creation is doing. I checked on that one earlier.

Having two events so close to each other with a limited potential audience is a little crazy. But Starfury's thing does seem more interesting and formed at the minute.
Ugh. If I wasn't already disgusted by Creation Entertainment, I would be now. I truly despise them. And now hate them more for clearly targeting Starfury in an attempt to get fans to come to their Convention.

I wouldn't attend a Creation Con if you paid me.

There was a great post by Ingrid on the SoCal Brownoat board. Everyone take a look at the post before even considering paying to attend a Creation event.
People already booked for Starfury's event should not be effected by anything Creation is doing. I checked on that one earlier.

Good to know.
"it is still damaging, and could lead to two failed events"
Kurya, I agree: I worry that if we have two failed conventions in a row that will convince convention organizers that it was caused by lack of interest in a canceled TV show. The Browncoats are a strong fandom with many amazingly successful events (I went to last year's wonderful Browncoat Ball here in San Francisco) and fund raisers, but supporting three such events in a row would put a strain on any fandom.
I think we've missed one of the more interesting bits of the Creation Juggernaut moving in - Concurrent to this event, Creation Entertainment has signed an agreement to produce official merchandise for SERENITY including T-shirts, fleece, hats, photos, jewelry, plates, stamps and coins. Our artists are huge fans of the show so start looking for cool items soon with tons of stuff to debut at the convention itself. Which may explain some of the recent crackdowns on fan created quasi-official merch? Will this be a good thing for fandom? And I'm with those who say too much is ... uh .. too much. Creation would be better off doing a "Whedonverse" convention, with Buffy, Angel, Firefly/Serenity and comic book guests. I think a "flopped" con hurts the future of the franchise. (And yes, I'm one of those eternal optimists who think the Firefly/Serenity franchise has a future...)
Yeah, I've noticed the licensing thing, jenolen. The last time there was merchandise licensing of Firefly and Serenity we all know what happened. It's an interesting move, anyway. I can't see how there's going to be enough of an audience to support both events at virtually the same time at expensive costs with a limited scope, so there's going to be some competition between organisers on which will be the best event. Which is good for us.
I think it's getting a bit ridiculous that the fan base is being forced to make so many hard choices.

Hard choice, Jeremy? Not for me... I'm a cruise gal from the words "All aboard!" Just tell me where and when to send the next payment!

I worked lots of Creation cons in the late 80s as a dealer, and they had just a bad a rep with the dealers as with the fans. They charged three or four times the amount per table as the fan-run cons, and the dealer's room was open for fewer days and shorter hours at their cons too. Why did we still deal? Because often that was the only game in town.

That was also the era when they started squashing fan-run cons by getting stars to sign exclusivity contracts. Alas, I don't remember all the details, but Jimmy Doohan was rather rabid on the topic. Since the fan-run cons were fast disappearing, most of them eventually did sign, since Creation became their only opportunity to meet with the fans. Plus, for the most part, Creation was the only outfit that had the resources to pony up the money for the biggest stars, so if we wanted to see Shatner or Nimoy, Cremation it was.

But I will give them this. To the best of my knowledge, they never took the money and ran, unlike another not-to-be-named misbegotton now defunct (thank heaven) promoter we all know and don't love.
gossi, since you checked on a similar thing, do you have any insight into this, from another board:

If Creation does what Creation usually does, the actors involved in Serenity will be required to sign an exclusivity contract with Creation events which means no more fan run convention appearances and no chance that any of them could show up to the CSTS screening in any official capacity. I suppose they could show up as individuals if they wish but it could not be advertised or even written about because Creation is known for enforcing their contracts

The issue I want to highlight is whether any Creation "no events before ours" clause would indeed prohibit any Creation-signed guests from officially attending any of the CSTS screenings in June.
Blah. I can't see Creation enforcing that even if they could -- it's charity, and would get them a ton of bad press. They've used exclusivity stuff in the past to stop guests appearing at other competing conventions -- that's all, as far as I know.

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bix - the clause is typically in effect 60 days prior and 500 mile radius from the event. This is specifically meant toward other full event conventions appearances, not charity events.

As I have said before these clauses are also only for actors or guest that are publicizing a tv show or movie that is in production. They have laxed this since the late 90's before then it was any guest any had more restrictions to it.
Got it, thanks.

(I had no clue either way, but that remark has been circulating, so I wanted to try to get clear information.)
I thought it sounded like fun until I saw the ticket prices. Holy crap, that's insane.
Yeah, Samantha, it would make an awesome ten days to attend both back to back (and maybe see Disneyland, or at least the Torrance High School, in between), but it would only be possible for the very rich. CreationCon will guarantee that attendees can get autographs, photographs, and get to shop in a big fully stocked vendors' room, while Starfury's Serenity LA can guarantee drinking & partying on Hollywood Boulevard in the company of many of your favorite BDHs.
I do think that the Browncoat Cruise will end up having the most bang for it's buck: more food than you can eat, non-stop entertainment and activities, beautiful weather, and the beautiful beaches of Mexico, while surrounded by good friends.
Gotta agree Samantha - with ticket prices like those, the cruise is looking more and more affordable since it includes accomodations and meals. Sure it won't have as many BDMs as Starfury is promising (sort of, with escape clauses), but it'll be a cruise on the high seas with lots of browncoats.

Either way, this clash of the big time convention promoters isn't really going to help the fandom unless both are fully subscribed and successfully pulled off. I mean, I can understand the Creation folks going aggressively after a potential rival that is trying to establish new ventures here in the U.S. That is simple competition, you know, browncoat style unfettered capitalism. But the likelihood is that one or the other will suffer, or the actors and other principals that we want to see will have to make choices between them due to other demands on their time and energy.
In October 2004 Sean Harry ran a 800 strong, sold out, Angel con in London. Oh, and on that very same weekend David Boreanaz and James Marsters were attending a rival convention a few miles down the road, also in London. I think Starfury can cope with a rival con on a different weekend...

I hope the cruise is successful, it was never an option for me to get over to the States in December. I just happen to be there at the end of October for other reasons, and the LA Con is a bonus. Hope it all works out ok Jeremy.

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