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April 25 2007

A Joss-loving week in Indianapolis. The Indianapolis Film Festival kicks off this weekend and features a slew of Whedon-related screenings, including Serenity,the Browncoats documentary Done The Impossible, and the Firefly parody Mosquito. Then there's a Buffy Sing-a-Long, and the new Nathan Fillion film Waitress. Whew!

Sort of trumps our accidental "weekend of Whedon" here in the Portland of Oregon on June 22/23, I think. Heh.
We Do manage to have our moments, Bix, but I still wish we'd managed to pull off a CSTS Screening this year...
I see someone beat me to the spelling correction :) Are you, Buffy SingALong directly involved in this singalong?
Well who knows, TD Brown, if there is that much interest in whedonstuff, maybe you can have a CSTS screening next year.
CSTS = Construction Safety Training System

First hit when I googled CSTS
Woo hoo! I can't wait to see Serenity on the big screen again!

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